Best bottles for premies?

Best bottles for a preemie baby? He has a big problem sucking in too much air and leaking all his formula out. I’ve tried dr browns and avent brand.


Nuk… I used that on my first premiere baby 32 weeks

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Have you tried bottles with liners? You can squeeze all the air out or at least most. We found it very helpful

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Mam is what I tried first for my baby (2 weeks early) he got too much too fast and spit up way too much. I went to the kiinde twist natural latch and it’s so much better.

We ended up having to use the nipples from the hospital ( one time use preemie similac ) they fit onto our dr browns bottles and worked better than dr browns nipples, think it was the softness of the rubber.


We used the preemie nipples dr brown


I would say syringe feeding… you control the flow and the amount given until the baby can be bug enough to handle the flow of an actual bottle

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Nuk I found were best for my 27 prem bab xx

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Dr brown with premie nipples


i used dr browns and still do and he’s 8 months old!

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Mine took the playtex drop ins with the breastlike nipple from Amazon. He was a late term preemie, born at 35&6.


My son liked the Nuk Bottles he was 32wks

I always used playtex nursers or vent air. Nursers use the drop in liners so you can push all the excess air out. Highly recommend

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When the milk is dripping out ots coz the flow is too fast for bub

Have you tried the Preemie flow nipple for Dr. Browns? There’s also a new Newborn flow nipple that’s not sold in stores and only on their website, it’s the level under 1.


Search amazon for special nipples to put on whatever bottle brand you usually buy

Mam bottles I got a premie and he took to them lovely :blush:

I like dr.browns. they make preemie nipples that work really well.

These the nipples are smaller around than another’s besides the hospital little tiny bottles.

Our NICU started my preemie on Dr Browns and they have a preemie nipple that she stayed on for awhile. She used the dr browns her whole first year.

Tommie tippir or play Tex drop in liner bottles they come with premie nipples

Dr brown with preemie nipple. That’s what my twins used in NICU

We used Avent bottles, the regular ones for our daughter 10yrs ago… she was born at 32wks and was 4lbs 9oz

We used mam for our preemie

Dr brown for my niece! She was a 28 weeker and it took a few tries.

We used avent and had the same problem. My doctor told me that it is something baby will grow out of once they learn how to suck properly. He leaked when drinking until he was several weeks past his gestational age of 40 weeks. He was born at 32. I tried several kinds as well and they all leaked.

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I swear by Dr Browns

You can order nipples for preemie

Dr Brown with preemie nipples… transitioned to level 1 at around 36w gestational age

Try the small dr browns bottles/ nipples instead of a wide nipple bottle. Some babies, like mine, can’t get a good latch on a wide nipple.

I still swear by mam. They ere amazing. A little pricy but my daughter stopped having problems with sucking to much air in after we switched her

We used these. She latched on better to these than other shaped nipples.

Mam has a size 0 nipple that is perfect for preemies :blush: good luck with your little one!

Dr Browns was the best for my granddaughter.

When my daughter was born the dollar store had little 2 oz bottles with tee tiny nipples. Those worked great for her. She was 7 weeks early.

My favorite were the Playtex drop-ins. (But I didn’t have a prenie).

My baby was also preemie I used the nanobebe bottles they are a little big but he likes them but we also just used the nipples the hospital gave us

Maybe just focus on finding preemie nipples for your current bottles and try that first. My last was a preemie and had struggles with sucking at first and Dr had us try preemie nipples and it worked out.

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We used playtex drop ins with all 4 of ours 1 being a premie

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We used the nipples from the hospital they worked for us they fit on most bottles

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Tomee tipee would be best

Dr browns premiee nipple

In the NICU my daughter used the Enfamil slow flow disposable nipples which can actually be washed and reused with skinny Medela bottles. I’m guessing it’s a nipple issue and not the bottle. My son was a few weeks early also and also used three Gerber nipples. I would contact a lactation consultant for help figuring out what might help.

I used these for my preemie. He choked on his milk until i switched him to these.

Or if you have a tylenol syringe slowly press down on the top give in excrementes as they get used to feeding they will latch on to nipple of any sort.

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We did dr brown with ours preemies (8weeks early). Also, the NICU recommended feeding them on their side initially so they didn’t choke as easily

MAM! 100% I very rarely have to use a burp cloth to wipe my sons face because his latch is so good with that one.

MAM bottles are amazing my son was premature and took to MAM better than other brands

Playtex nursers, first flow nipples, you’re able to squeeze every bit of air out before he gets it

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Pigeon bottles were recommended to me as my Bub was prem , had no issues , still use them just change teats as he grows

My sister loved her mam bottles I always use tommee tippee x

Nuk. My son was a 27 Weeker and the hole is on the top of the nipple so he had more control of the flow.

Playtex collapsibles worked well for my preemies

I think u can get bottles for baby just like the hospitol,

Evenflo bottles or tommee tippie

I used tommee tippee bottles for my baby

I love mam bottles❤️