Best bows for baby?

Any mommas with a preemie baby girl have any suggestions for bows? She is 5 pound and 7 ounces currently. She has a small little head. I bought some bows but they are massive. Trying to see if anyone knows of a brand that’s smaller before buying some and trying to figure it out. It’s so hard to tell when they are packaged.


Baby bling bows!!! They grow with the baby!

I used the bows that were on elastic bands until my little micro preemies hair was long enough for actual bows. Amazon has bags of like 40 bows (some with the bands I mention, some with that just clasp) for about 8-9 bucks. 3 inch bows might work for you. They are “big” without being overwhelmingly big. As an example, this bag doesn’t have as many as others but… just to show:

She does upload sales, and has the option for small bows.

They are easy to make. When I worked in the floral department of a grocery chain a woman asked me to make her baby a smaller bow and brought me the headband. I’m sure you can find videos.

Same issue !!! My girl was a preemie and is 3 weeks old and not one of her bows fit, newborn clothes swallow her too. She is currently 5 pounds 6 ounces

When they are so tiny go with headbands.

Find a white head band that fits and get clip on bows to clip on the headband.

I just bought ribbon at the store and cut them to fit her head.

Family dollar had many! Abd walmart

Little poppy co! The band is so small but stretchy and soft. They fit my five pound Niece and almost one year old daughter.

Regular bows didn’t fit my youngest daughter for the longest time

See my daughter wasnt a preemie and shes still got a teeny tiny head at 3 months lol
I wish i had more bows that fit her head

Where are bows in the fabric and crafts section in walmart you could put together.

Did you sign Waylon up for tball this spring. Summer or fall. he would love it

My daughter was 11 weeks early 2lb 12oz I got some bows from the babydoll section but she never really got to wear then until she left the NICU

I legit had a bow box that she couldnt fit till she was older and by then she wouldnt keep anything on her head