Best brand of baby bottle that doesn't leak?

What brand of baby bottle doesn’t leak? Having troubles with any bottle I have leaking and I am tired of it


I’ve always used Dr. Brown bottles

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What do you mean by leaking? All baby bottles will leak through the nipple. My daughter would only take mam

My Avent bottles never leaked

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I second Dr brown bottles never leaked outta the nipple either

Once past the newborn nipple most if not all bottles “leak” because the holes are bigger allowing more flow
Just keep bottles upright when not in use

How old is your baby?!!? I nursed my 1st-born girl for 6 months; my 2nd-born, only 7 weeks- -she had been rather small @ birth, for arriving so late, but she had a voracious appetite!!! Both my girls got their own mug by 1 year old!!! Bottles?? Just used the el-cheapo “Evenflo” &/or “Curity”!!!
Try 2nd-hand stores & if you find OLD-style baby bottles there, all ya gotta do is wash&sterilize ‘em!!!

I use the nuk they work great

I always loved the mam bottles and that’s what I plan on using when I give birth

you probably not putting them together right. pull nipple all way in into the ring part, has to be tight. otherwise all bottles will leak