Best brand of baby pacifier?

What is the best brand of baby pacifier? My son spits every single one out but I can tell he wants something

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My two eldest loved the Nuk brand. My third wanted a binky but hated the all. She ended up loving her index finger to suck haha!

If he’s spitting them out, don’t force him to take them. You won’t have to worry about the tantrum when you try to take them away later. 2 of my kids didn’t take them and my 3rd kid didn’t at first but the NICU nurse forced it until my 3rd took it because ‘he cried too much’. Taking it away was a nightmare.

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Nuk. We used nuk everything bottles, binkies, sippies. All of it. Maybe it easy for my bf babies

Cmc gold are the only ones my kids/grandkids liked

Tommy tippee - cherry teat

Mine likes Phillips avent the most