Best brand of cloth diapers?

Can any moms who have used cloth diapers give me advice on best brands theyve used? Brands to avoid? Tips on using them, cleaning them, or just your experience in general with them, good or bad?


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My mother in law bought me a years worth of Tidy Didy Service, it was a shower gift.

Soak in Napisan before washing, also use liners or Inserts inside, I also used a soft to medium brustle brush to scrub off any stubborn stuff before soaking, typically a tooth brush as its not so harsh on material… not sure of brand but even the cheapest ones were just as good as the expensive ones.

Fluff Love & CD Science is a great resource for getting a wash routine down.
My favorite inserts were thirsties hemp ones with a stay dry doubler on top the last time around. I mostly used pocket diapers because they’re more like putting on a disposable. But went to fitteds and prefolds with covers this time. I did buy some all in one because don’t want to make it too complicated for my boyfriend.

Had cloth nappies when my kids were babies (3o odd yrs ago)
Secret is to use a nappy liner
As far as washing goes
We Aussies just put them in the nappy bucket to soak
Wash them as normal and
Hang them on the line to dry them is great for info. Fluff love tends to recommend way too much detergent. Personally our favorites were grovia, alva, and noras nursery. I also recommend using bamboo or hemp inserts, they are the trimmest and most absorbent. We love cloth diapers and have now done it with two kids. After learning how bad disposable diapers and menstrual products are i could never willingly go back to them.

Texas tushies
Happy beehinds
Are my top favorite
Alva baby is my 3

Make sure you get a proper wash routine.

I use kawaii one size and they work well. We are currently using nellies soap

Happy Beehinds is a brand I’ve used in the past, never used any other brand, but I’d use an insert to help with clean up and make sure to wash diapers really well.

I don’t remember the brand, but you want the ones that are pre-folded. The ones that are stitched. Also when you wash them, don’t use bleach. It doesn’t rinse out easily and can be irritating. There are better ways to sanitize diapers. Check with your doctor for tips.