Best brand of diapers?

My 1 month 1 week old won’t fit into newborns anymore … I can’t get them right on him today the only way it will strap right is if it’s way too tight on him … so I put him in a 1 but it’s too loose around his thighs … what do I do ??? Idk if it matters but I use huggies snugglers


Fold the top of the diaper over and then close it! It works amazingly well

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Diapers are generic. One kind fits all. Pull it up a bit higher.

I agree with folding it over! It might be loose at first but baby will grow :wink:


Targets brand seem to be the right in between fit …at least for my baby girl…you can also fold the top over of the size 1 and pull it up and over lap the sides and fasteners…

My daughter is like that with 4s/5s. I put the straps lower

My daughter was the same way. I was told to fold the front part inside a bit so it’d fit

Switch to pampers. They r smaller in the legs. I had that issue with my girl. She was two skinny in the legs for huggies. My son was super chunky and pampers were to small in the legs. Only huggies worked for him.

My daughter is the same way. Fold the top and put the straps lower. Shes in between 1 and 2

I love pampers pure and the huggies you’re using! I switched mine to the pampers pure with this in-between stage and just tuck the top down some so it doesn’t rub on his belly button.

Put the ones on baby fold the top over

Fold down or try a different brand Luvs Amazon is least expensive.

It does not matter. Just enjoy.

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Pull the diaper up more and strap in then roll the top down.

I switch brands when they get in between sizes. From experience Honest Company diapers run smaller and a size 1 is in between a newborn and 1 in most other brands.

Honest brand has half size between newborn and one.

Huggies are going to leak if they are big. Try pampers

Switch to Pampers they fit way better l really like them my little man is 6 almost 7 months and l started off with huggies and moved to Pampers as they fit better as he is a real chunky little man

Definitely try different brand. All diapers are made different.

Try luvs. My daughter had same issue

Newborns are big on my 1 week old, I just fold the top down a bit.

They don’t stay in newborn long. All you can do is put in him size 1 and tighten the tabs as much as your can. He’ll grow into it.

Try up and ups they work fantastic used them for my first boy n he loved them