Best brand of diapers?

Best brand of diapers to use? About to give birth and never stocked up.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best brand of diapers?

I used huggies for my son, Luvs for my daughter.

Rascal and friends, both mt kids have sensitive skin and broke out in rashes with any other diapers other then rascal and friends.

Hey sorry this has nothing to do with your post but I was wondering how long it took to get your question posted

Every baby will be different and tolerate different brand diapers. We use LUVS and really like them

Costco- Kirkland brand

My kids couldn’t use anything other then the parent choice you get from Walmart Huggies and luvs left them with what looked almost like chemical burns between there legs everytime we changed them. The only one that didn’t was parent choice

We use pamper swaddlers

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I would go with Huggies to start with, I find them more absorbent, and better when so little. But ultimately every baby will react different to certain nappies so just get whatever and trial and error

Pampers swaddlers and luvs!

Buggies and Kirkland Costco

I absolutely love using parent’s choice at Walmart because I could get 144 diapers for like 20 dollars and it was well worth it

My son ended up being allergic to most diapers except Pampers and Huggies, and he was only able to use natural care wipes. If your baby doesn’t end up having any allergies, Kirkland brand is pretty good and you get a lot for your money!

Huggies, Hello Bello or Honest!!

Everyone has different opinions on this and every baby is different. I think a good starting place would be pampers. They are super soft and good for sensitive new born skin. Huggies have has a great fit for us as they grew but some kids get rashes from them. But those brands are pricey. For my daughter we loved luvs brand. Cheap and worked well for her but for my son we used parents choice diapers and they worked great. Walmart also sells some other diaper that has super cute prints on them and we used those for my son as well. We switched between those and parents choice. Really, it’s just a game of trying out and seeing what fits and works for you. I’ve heard good things about target diapers as well but never had to try them. As they get older too night time diapers are wonderful but are more costly.

Also, you didn’t mention wipes but figured I’d add! Pampers sensitive for newborns is wonderful. As their skin thinkens and toughens up as they grow, parents choice sensitive is my favorite bc they are soft, thick, has texture and don’t break out skin (unless it’s like newborn skin). This is just from my experience. Huggies wipes didn’t do well for us unless it was sensitive kind.

Wish you luck!

Huggies without a doubt.

Luvs for us… Every offbrand diaper we have used has caused my daughter A rash and leaks… I swear by luvs BUT every babies bottom is different. Maybe buy a few small packs of different brands and see what works best and is most cost efficient for you.

Pampers swaddlers and Kirkland Costco, hello bello

Luvs! I had good results from Luvs. They were the only ones that didn’t spill over at night. The trick is to keep them changed as much as possible. My daughter had an extremely high ammonia content in her urine. Ammonia is naturally produced in urine. She has struggled with rashes in the beginning. Then I realized that I should change her more often. It became where I changed her every 30 minutes or less. Her bottom would become cherry red if I didn’t. That’s why babies cry when they are left in them so long. Imagine sitting in ammonia for hours. You wouldn’t like it either. Changing often is the key to a healthy baby. It also causes urine infections.

Always used huggies with the black mickey mouse. The only 1 all 3 of my daughters wouldn’t get rashes with, the rest has a strong chemical smell it hurt my nose. I know some ppl will say "that’s why you change them right away " but u can’t right away sometimes.

Pampers are my number 1 choice, but huggies and rascal & friends are good too

Everyone is going to have a different brand that is their fav. But a lot of babies end up being allergic to some brands. So just test different ones and find the one that YOU like the most


My preference were the up and up ones but you should try a few different ones. You really gotta find your own preference

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Honest, Huggies or Kirkland


Pampers swaddlers for newborn, Luvs are good and less expensive as they grow. Pampers fit better for newborn.

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Huggies and rascal and friends

I had to go cloth my oldest was allergic to all gel in disposable. Never had a rash after switching

I like rascal and friends up to size 4 then for 5 I like Pampers

I found Walmart brand parents choice was the best for the price and quality.

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I’m in love with rascal and friends! Only kind I use

Huggies lil snugglers are my first choice. They are hard to find though. Parents choice holds good at night as well as the aldi brand

Huggins little movers and pamper I used to use luvs for all My kids but they changed them and my baby got really bad burns

Coterie diapers; organic, no harsh chemicals, super soft and very absorbent
Pampers swaddlers.

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Pampers for newborns. Then luvs, pampers, Kirkland or up and up are all good

Huggies & rascals & friends. I found treasures gave my daughter rashes when she was newborn using them.
But then again every baby is different just find them 2 good :relaxed:

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Huggies and hello bello

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M0re Info.

pampers are only what we like


I found parent choice worked best for my son plus only brand he didn’t break out with a rash

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For me no Walmart size fit my son. Pampers broke him out. Lvzs leaked. So I had to use Huggies.

The local hospitals near me use pampers swaddlers and supply them while your there , HOWEVER it depends on the baby honestly

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Huggies little snugglers :two_hearts::two_hearts:
hands down!
We tried pampers and my babe gets really red after using the pampers

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My daughter can’t use anything but the honest company

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Pampers but you will just have to see for yourself. Every child is different with each brand. Huggies and Target brand didn’t hold nothing and rashed my kids up. Luvs held up better then Huggies

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My daughter could only wear huggies. Every baby is different so you will have to see which works for yours! Good luck!! Congratulations!!

Depends on the kid! My daughter could use Luvs (our favorite) and Huggies but couldn’t use pampers!

I stocked up on the Honest brand. My patient whom has a G-Tube and receives tube feedings had massive BM’s and it holds all incredibly well, so I was sold on them from the get go.

I used pampers and Huggies before my daughter could walk and then switched to LUVS

All 3 of my kids have used different ones. Each child is different. I suggest a small pack of a few different ones to see what ones work best for your little.

I always used luvvs on my son…as an newborn/preemie hed piss through everything else…3 yrs old ( bit late on pottytraining) and he still uses luvvs

You might have to try a few different ones to see which work best for your baby. Parents choice and luvs were awesome for my first 2 but my third could only use Huggies for the longest time cause everything else leaked for some reason. Now he can only use pampers pull ups lol

My first was allergic to everything but pampers so I used pampers with my second and now third

Aldi brand and Lus were my favorites

Pampers swaddlers for the first year. Then I switched to Pampers 360° when she started to walk and be on the move!

Pampers swaddler when really young then switch to Huggies movers :heart:

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I used to exclusively use huggies, until I tried the Kirkland brand. I’m on baby #3 and I’ll only use Kirkland now

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It is definitely a trial and error. Some babies are allergic to luvs, some do great with them…same for every other type of diaper. I say pampers are great BUT only if they are the right size! Any diaper that is a little on the small size won’t hold enough. (If you have a son, please note:point the penis DOWN in the diaper. Otherwise no diaper will be helpful with leaking lol)

I wouldn’t stock up on one brand before having the kiddo. Fit can differ a lot by the shape of your kiddo. Up&up fit my daughter best. Huggies and pampers didn’t fit her well because she had a big butt and chubby thighs and we had to size way up. And I found I didn’t like the smell of luvs. And also, if your kiddo ends up having sensitive skin, some brands might not work for you.

I love rascal and friends from Walmart :blush: super absorbent and soft

Kirkland brand from Costco!

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Kirkland brand diapers are huggies but cheaper!

I do like huggies little snugglers in newborn because they have the umbilical cord pre cut out of the diaper so you don’t have to fold it down. But once the cord falls off Kirkland brand is a great price and quality diapers.

I’ve used Huggies mostly and gave used luvs.

We used the Kirkland brand, from Costco

Hello bello and Kirkland

I like Huggies, hello bello, targets up & up brand (their just like pampers imo).

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M0re Info.

Up and up!! I tell everyone to buy them. So cheap and they are very absorbing! My son would pee throught pamper and huggies! Only ones to last through the night. And he would sleep 12-13 hours as a baby!?

Huggies diapers were a life saver, we started out with pampers but they leaked way to often then when we switched to huggies we never had that problem again

I personally prefer Pampers or Huggies.

I like pampers but I found a brand on Amazon that are just as good but more affordable. I do the subscribe and save on there. They are mama bear brand. So soft and so far no leakage!!

It all depends on your baby. Some will swear by pampers, others by Huggies, others by store brand, etc. my son was allergic to them all except for the Huggies Lil snugglers. Same thing with the wipes. I had to use the Huggies natural wipes on him. Right now it’s a guessing game. Most hospitals use pampers so that’s what they will be putting on your baby. I’d say start with pampers and go from there.

Depends on how your child reacts to them. I had to use Huggies for one child and Luvs for my other.

They would keep getting rashes and found out it was the type of diaper.

Pampers or Hello Bello were my favorites. But honestly, I’d buy a few of different brands and see what you like best. No point in buying a bunch of a brand you don’t like or the baby reacts to…

Huggies for sure. Also suggest looking into clothes diapers. With the inflation and everything it would save you a ton of money.

My favorite were Pampers when my babies were young, but as they got older I just used the Walmat brand Parents Choice cuz they were cheaper.

I LOVE rascal and friends you can only get them at Walmart but they’re my go too

Cloth diapers ideally but we also use Pampers Baby Dry as a little baby, not the snuggler type ones because they feel weird when theyre soiled. And now that she’s almost 2 we use Pampers Cruises 360 Fit (the ones like pullups) she doesn’t like to sit still to change her diaper but she likes to step in to them. She hasn’t shown signs for potty training yet or I’d be all about that.

All depends on baby. My daughter was allergic to whatever was in Huggies and Pampers. Only brand she could use was walmarts store brand.

Every mom and baby is different. I would suggest getting a small pack from several brands and testing to see what works best for you and your little one.
Personally my son and I use Pampers Swaddlers.

I agree with trying different brands to test allergies as a main but also how brands feel dry and wet can be different and also we tried honest brand but prefer ones with the color changing line cause not all diapers have that so that will depend as well for what you like as a parent as to what brand you choose

I recommend trying different ones. Some babies don’t do well with some types of diapers.

Personally I love the Costco (Kirkland) brand diapers

I used Pampers for my daughter in the beginning months…then switched to Walgreens brands for the remainder months…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best brand of diapers?

Huggies for newborns and pampers for everything else. I had girls both times and this is what worked. I think a lot of it depends on the child and how the diapers fit them.

Luvs. But it’s gonna depend on the baby. Some can’t tolerate certain brands

I liked Pampers, Luvs, and Aldi’s store brand. Up and Up from Target was okay. All good absorbency, picking the brand depends on your price point. I didn’t care for Huggies because they leaked and I didn’t like Parent’s Choice because they pilled like a cheap sweater and the tabs never stayed closed.

Honest company because they’re organic and non toxic and they come straight to your door and you can pick out cute prints it’s fun

As well as rascal and friends pull-ups/diapers

Both of my kids have been Huggies or Kirkland (Costco brand) babies

Huggies worked very well for our little one, and the price was more affordable.

Pampers swaddlers
Rascal and friends

I have always used parents choice because of cost, but pampers would be my next fav.

Huggies - pampers
Leak and don’t Huggies are the best !