Best bug spray for kids?

We plan on shooting a few fireworks as its my 8 months 1st 4th of July!! We have tons of bugs around as we live in the middle of a field :flushed: any suggestions on how to keep them somewhat away from her, cant really do a playpen with a sheet etc because I know she will want to be held when all of that happens and so i can keep ear protection on her and she doesnt jerk it off :joy: do they make any baby bug repellent? Or any “hacks” youve found that keeps bugs away?


Do you have a bonfire pit? If so, have one and burn sage in it

Basil helps for mosquitoes, also helps to rub a basil leaf on mosquito bites. I did this the summer there were those weird super mosquitoes and it helped with my sanity lol

Skin so soft from Avon!


Fire :fire: the smoke will get rid of them.

We swear by this here


I’ve heard the bug repellent bracelets from Dollar tree work amazing and are safe for babies!

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I suggest the play pen idea but just hop in with her :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’ve always used Creamy Baby Oil on my boys. It works like a charm!!


I use baby magic lotion, it seems to help keep mosquitos off my boys. I guess they dont like the baby oil in the lotion.

My mom swears by aloe Vera! :woman_shrugging:t2: she puts it on my kids every time they go there and they never get bit.

My 14 month old goes to bed at 8?

Vanilla or Avon’s skin so soft will keep mosquitos away

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A spray bottle of mint mouth wash and water pour the whole bottle of mouth wash then fill rest with water i swear by this .mosquitoes dont like the smell of mint .neither do gnats

Definitely skin so soft from Avon! And if you’re leary about the actual bug spray, they make sunscreen that has repellent in it, so you could control where it goes a bit better.

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Ironically this was the post on my feed right before yours😊

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When my were young I used the off clip on, if I was holding them would clip it to me, or put it on the top of there stroller viser with a bug netting, always worked for me, still us them to this day, no spraying chemicals in there clothing and easy to use

Baby Vicks (chest rub) works miracles!


Baby ganics sunblock works against bugs

Rub basil leaves on her

I feel like its gonna hurt your babys ears, and at 8 months it might scare her. Mines almost 2 and shes still scared shitless of them, but for the bug problem id say try using those tiki torches that repel bugs

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I heard aloe with peppermint

Burning sage also helps keep them away

Dress her in lite long sleeves & pants. Johnson & Johnson Baby oil lotion works great ( Lite green bottle)
Maybe bug spray?
We buy a couple plants that help with keep the bugs/ Mosquitoes away…bug snappers?

Lemongrass essential oil! I’m a mosquito magnet and it works so much better than anything I’ve ever tried

Babyganics bug spray, coffee grounds in an oven safe bowl and light them on fire, citronella candles, tea tree oil, a folded (unused) dryer sheet in your pockets

If you have a tent you can always put it up and leave the rain sheild off since they usually have a mesh roof

All family brand bug spray for sensitive skin! It’s deet free and works great on all of us (:

smell doesn’t linger, isn’t oily or sticky (like babyganics), and it works great! we tried those bug repellent wrist bands, while it does work for the upper body, it doesn’t protect you everywhere else.

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We do the bug repellent bracelets

If you have a playpen or pack and play…you can put her in the bottom and stretch a fitted sheet over the top…
works when the sun is out too

Babyganics has a bug spray and wipes for babies, also Avon’s skin so soft is awesome!

Lemon and eucalyptus oil. You can find it in camping section. It works better than anything.

Skin so soft from Avon might be safe but I think I’d sit far away from the noise to be safe

You can wipe her with a non scented baby wipe and place a bounce dryer sheet in her stroller or where ever she will be, trust me I was like na. At first and it does work.


Johnsons creamy baby oil or Avon skin so soft original lotion in green bottle.

My in-laws sware by that skin so soft stuff I always been a mosquito magnet and I have yet to find anything other than maybe a bug zapper near by