Best cameras that I can keep in my house for when I babysit?

i’ve started to babysit & was wondering what cameras i can get to put into my home for the parents to access to make them feel more comfortable! i know if i was sending my child to a new babysitter i would want this done as well!


We have the Orion cameras and I’m able to share access

Simply safe, owlet cameras. Both have apps that you can exchange the passwords with the parents to see whats going on


Best 3 I’ve had myself

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I have geeni and wyze they’re both good.

I keep my grandchild and I don’t have cameras inside my home . I think I do an outstanding job of taking care of her . If my son and his wife were just not confident in my caretaking skills , I’d rather not keep her . But I do think this is a great service you are providing for others . If I had to leave my child with someone in this day and time I’d want cameras if they were not family


Perhaps the parents should be putting up the cameras.

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if you have an alarm company (like we have ADT), they may offer that service for a little additional fee.

also, if you’re licensed through the state, they will supply you with cameras as that’s a requirement in a lot of states now.


You have to be careful with giving parents permission to view your cameras. Yes, they can view their child, but they can view other children as well. As a parent, knowing someone else is viewing my child is a huge NO. I would NOT give parents access to the cameras unless there is an incident in question & you can review the recordings with them. Otherwise, I would just tell parents there’re cameras in your home for safety reasons if ever a situation arises.


we use roku for our house! multiple people can connect & they can set it to go off with movement or turn it off.

Roku is cheap and affordable and works well. I have their indoor camera outdoors underneath my porch & I couldn’t ask for more. Walmart has frequent sales for $20. It’s got night vision, 2 way audio, record, etc. Got mine for $20 and use it outside, how can I complain. I bet it’s amazing indoors too.