Best car seat for toddlers?

Anyone have recommendations on car seats? Price is not an issue. My girls are almost 3 & 2! TIA

We have the evenflo revolve 360. My boy is 4 but tall and big (95 percentile). He still has a bunch of room in it. And I love that it rotates. It is seriously the best car seat I’ve ever had, and he’s my 5th. This was after monster jam and he was exhausted so we just turned him
Around in his seat so he could sleep.

The headrest slides up as he grows, and it converts to a booster when he outgrows the 5 point harness

I like the Graco slimfits because you don’t have to fight to tighten them!

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The one that rotates, I’ve heard great things about it, my daughter wanted it but couldn’t afford it, but I Heard it’s great

I got the Nuna Rava, when I wish I would have gotten this one. :upside_down_face::sweat_smile::joy: I have a tall kid, and will be ordering this one for him now so I can keep him in a 5 point harness longer. So just something to keep in mind! Invest in something that will last you as long as possible!

Baby trend grows w size uptil they need a booster