Best carrier for a 4 year old?

Carrier for 4 yr old?I need something to hold my 4 yr old while at theme parks. He walks fine, but gets tired and I think he’s too big for a stroller.


I feel like he would max out of a carrier before a stroller tbh.


Wagon is best way to go!! They have ones with canopies too!!!

I have a big three year old. 43" tall. 44lbs. And I still use his travel stroller. :joy::woman_shrugging: He looks like a giant, but he’s fine and it gives him a break from all the walking at Disneyland.

Kinderpack! Great for older kids.

I push my 5 year old to school in a stroller. He loves it and it holds our stuff too.

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Kinderpack has great preschooler sized structured carriers

A stroller would be easier and more comfortable for both.


If he’s too big to be in a stroller then he’s to big to be carried.


Most theme parks and zoos you can rent wagons and for 4-year-old I would get an umbrella stroller or a wagon

They have strollers you can rent there. We used it for my two sons when they were 4&6

I give you props for carrying him, my almost 4 year old is just too heavy :sweat_smile:

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My daughter takes naps in one of those pop up canvas wagons

Could you have a wagon? I used a wagon when I took my son to the zoo. It helped big time


Imagine getting a 4yr old in and out of a carrier several times at a theme park lol. I suggest a wagon… it can also hold more than just your child


I still brought either an umbrella stroller or wagon when my kids were 4 if we had a long day of walking planned. Theu could get in and out easily themselves if needed, and could rest some if they got tired.


Hes to big to be carried at 4 :joy: give over… he’s not a baby & walking will do him good

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either wagon or he’d just have to walk :woman_shrugging:t4:

Get a wagon because trust me carrying a 4 year old wears your body out very quickly. Your hips will hurt your back will hurt your legs will hurt etc if you carry a 4 year old child. Wagon with an umbrella on top then you add their drinks and some snacks in it for easy access to them plus you won’t have to carry anything either cause you can put it all in the wagon.


I saw this mom with a seat that went around her waist so he was able to sit on it and she just supported him
From falling no clue what it’s called

This is what we have think we paid $50 on marketplace… game changer

Lol he’s too big for a carrier. He’s going to destroy your back. You will be crying for a stroller.

Stroller or wagon or I would tell my son tough ish he can walk and carry a back pack too like daddy would…. I think you can rent wagons at the front of amusement parks


Bike stroller is easier on your body

A four year old is not to big for a stroller. Most adult can’t keep up in an any type of park like that. Save yourself a lot of heartache and just take a stroller or wagon.

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Definitely wouldn’t carry a 4yr at a park. Get a wagon.

Too old for a stroller, so you’ll carry him?
Makes absolutely no sense.


If you can’t bring a wagon this is great for a 4 year old. You can get it with a canopy also

My 4 year old is 46lbs so a carrier would never happen for me lol we use a foldable wagon, it was an investment but well worth it.

Get a wagon others have suggested that too I think that’s the best idea cuz u don’t have to carry anything with a wagon. Better for your back