Best cell phones to get kids?

What is the best cell phone to get a kid? My daughter is starting middle school next year and she’s away from home more at friend’s houses etc and I would like to be able to get in touch with her. I like how on the kids messenger Facebook app all the messages she sends and receives come to my phone. I would like to have that option for her text messages if possible.


My son has one of our old Samsung galaxy and it has Google parent controls.

Look into MyGabb phone. Phone and text only. No internet. Touch screen. It also has a tracker on it and even lets me know if the battery gets too low. Great phone for middle school. We will upgrade as we see fit.

I got my boys the Samsung A14 and use Family Link for parental controls.

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I would give them one that they can afford along side you. iPhones has been pretty popular lately but they can get expensive. But the Find My helps a lot

We started with a cheap old IPhone from Walmart with straight talk. Whether she got services every month was dependent on grades and attitude. It also gave us time to see if she was responsible enough to take care of one. We ended up adding her to our plan with a new phone as a Christmas gift.

Check out Gabb wireless. They don’t have internet or apps but do have gps and text/call capabilities.

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I was told about the pinwheel phone. You actually have full control from your phone. You can even shut it down from your phone, track. Must approve contacts and apps. Can also remove. See messages, etc. that would probably be my option when the time comes.

I’m not trying to invade my kids privacy. But a phone is a tool that needs to be taught. Apps and communication need to be taught.

So that’s me personally. Good luck on this next chapter!

My son got a second line on my plan when he was 8, he’s 15 now. We’ve always had great communication and trust. I always know his passcode and he knows Life360 is for his safety. He’s always been really respectful about not downloading apps I’ve forbidden until a certain age like Twitter, Snap etc and anytime I’ve ever wanted to check his phone I ask.

Not being overly controlling, and being able to communicate and trust your kids goes a long way. Be respectful and they’ll respect you as well. I feel like having every text she sends sent to your phone is a huge invasion of privacy if she’s not aware beforehand that it’s happening.

Any cheap smartphone. You can download something called Google family link where you can track their location and set time limits on certain apps and use parental locks against mature things on the web.

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I have a trac phone and it works great cost me 20 dollars a month for limited talk text and even have Facebook internet

iPhone cause you can parental control access the apps down loads apps contacts numbers screen time all of that.
You can have the Apple ID signed into another device & seen their stuff in reel time

All middle schoolers want iPhones and they are def more reliable but more

A flip phone with no internet :joy:


iPhone if you have iPhone momma. That way u keep track of her whereabouts and it’s just a safer phone

A flip phone. Text and call only.

My 13 yr old has boost $25 a month I got it so I had communication with her when she went to her fathers but he ended up taking it from her on his visits and I flipped because he would never let her call or text while there so that was y way to know she was okay. She got a hand me down iPhone SE

None kids shouldn’t have them