Best cloth diapers for newborns?

Which newborn cloth diapers would you recommend?? I think I’ve decided I’d prefer AIO as opposed to fussing with fitteds and covers. Right now I’m looking at Grovia NB AIO but I’ve read some reviews of leaks - I was just thinking leaks are more likely when baby is sleeping longer or wetting heavily, which isn’t typical of newborns.

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Honestly, we loved our Alva pocket newborns. I’m pretty sure they have aio newborn diapers also.

I know you want AIO but consider prefolds and covers. AIO are pricier and at the newborn size they go through a ton a day and outgrow them quickly, AND they tend to leak more. We had AIO and switched to prefolds and covers until about 4 months, when they fit into one-size pockets (we used Alva) which lasted until potty training.

My newest babe is almost out of newborns and we do majority pre-folds and covers but i did order 1 nb AIO from Twisted Mystic Tushies VIPs :crystal_ball::dizzy: ( just to try it out and ended up really liking it and wished I would have ordered more back when we’d be able to get more use out of them. They have a nice stay-dry jersey type of fabric on the inside that I haven’t seen in other diapers and really like. They also have a pocket slit in the back to add more absorbency if babe is a heavy wetter and you’re using over night but yeah, especially in the beginning you are changing so often that’s generally not an issue