Best cold medicine for kids?

My son is 20 months old and miserable with a runny nose? What can I do for him?.. remedies, medicine, anything… GO!


Vicks rub thing and one of the water hunidifiers with a couple of drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Mum and I tried that when my brother had a bad cold and it worked wonders for him.

I use the hylands baby cold tablets! It’s the only meds I use on my little one that help with the runny nose. I also run the shower water on hot and close the door with no vents and play in the bathroom with her and then give her a bath. Does wonders with the runny nose! And at night I’ll rub baby vikes on her chest and back!

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Baby vapor rub and vaporizer

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Vicks on the feet with socks on… Also zarbee’s cough medicine for children is completely natural

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Run shower. Vapor rub

I swear I thought those essential oil people where crazy but I bought a difuser eucalyptus works wonders

Vicks on chest, back, and feet.

Benedryl to dry things up

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You can freeze some Vicks Vapor Rub in a container or an ice cube tray and put it in the shower and let it get steamy. Step in there with him and it will help loosen up any congestion

Zyrtec but ask a dr its 2.5 ml once a day for lil ones and little noses saline spray will help break it up and get it out of there

Baby vapor rub on chest and feet, get a humidifier

Zarbees works wonders

Hyland teething tabs every 4 hour. All natural.

From teething or a cold?

Onion cut in half put under bed

Saline spray, nose freida, suction bulb to clean snot out, humidifer, baby vicks, warm baths

if you are nursing, breast milk

Go to the doc sugar. If his had it for a few days he needs something to dry up his snot. Everyone has this stuff going on.