Best comfortable shoes?

Any suggestions on comfy/cute shoes for pregnancy during the summer in the south? I sit all day at work but I have 2 kiddos already so when I’m not at work I’m always moving or on the go so I need something that will be comfy as my feet grow/swell.


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Chacos are super comfy sandals that come in a variety of styles and have adjustable straps.

Tevas. Super comfy and don’t chafe

Birkenstock eva sandals… totally water proof and so comfortable.

Look into dress shoe style crocs not like the big bulky garden style ones. I wear mine everywhere except the gym.

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Slides. They’re memory foam and the strap is velcro to adjust to the size of your feet. I lived in those shoes.

I have these and they have become my new favorite shoes.

I will be bare foot or in my flip flops this summer. Nothing else. Lol