Best credit building app?

Looking for credit builder app or a secured card that will let me put only $100 on it… extremely low interest preferred… chime has 0% interest no limit credit builder that’s awesome but I don’t have direct deposit and discover requires $200…


I have chime as checking and the credit builder and I have it set up to where when my checks get deposited onto my checking it immediately transfers to my credit builder.

Download self and you pay yourself pretty much and at the end of the year you get that money back and it helps build your credit

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Capital one. Chime is such a scam

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Capital one gave me my first card. It was $99 down with a $200 limit to start and jumped up quick after 6 months of good payment history. My mom used them to and her down-payment was different with a different limit. Just depends on your current score.

If you are needing to build credit. If you have a parent that has great credit and low credit card utilization and good payment history. You are better off being asked to be put on their card. They don’t have to give you a card just add you as an authorized user. And you’ll get there payment history and it will boost your score.

My bank (a credit union) gave me my first cc. 0% interest and I think the limit in the beginning was just $200. They gave it to solely to help build my credit. I’m also able to easily track my spending and make payments since it’s included on my mobile banking app

When I has a capital one secured card I was able to put $49 down and get a $300 limit but I do know that not everyone gets the same down amount