Best deals on school supplies?

When do you start school shopping and where do you find the best deals on school supplies?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best deals on school supplies?

Walmart usually has some great deals.
Just have to watch the stores.

I grabbed ONLY paper the other day for .35

Your best bet is to try to find some groups on Amazon that post the best deals. Right now Walgreens is having a big school supply sale and Target was having a good one the other day. Your best bet is to shop around and wait for the deals. Last year Staples had a great deal around this time, but they haven’t posted another one

The best on school supplies are after kids go back to school. Around Sept/Oct they’ll clearance everything. That’s when you buy the backpack, binders etc.

Not sure if your school has a supply list but when going onto Walmarts website you can click on services and Choose school supplies and add your school’s name if it’s there it will have the full list ready to add to your cart

I do staples and target usually . I’m not near Walmart but I heard they have good deals. If price matching is available at your store make sure you use it to make less trips. Making a list makes it much easier too. Since we have awhile for school to start I check my ads weekly and buy when I see a good deal

Right now, Target has a good deal on school supplies. Amazon Prime Days are July 12-13 and all other companies are competing and having sales too.

Target & walmart. currently online ordering school supplies :rofl::rofl:

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