Best deodorant for kids?

I have 7 year old twin girls and I have noticed with one of them that she has very strong underarm odor. What did some of you mamas do for your girls? Did you start making your girls wear deodorant at this young age? I would love to hear some of your experiences with this.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best deodorant for kids?

Teen Spirt deodorant

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Is she drinking enough water? That might be the issue right there. A lot of people have really strong odor if they are not taking in enough water.



Never the Gel. Could make them smell more.

All natural aluminum free deodorant. We used arm&hammer all natural or Tom’s, no antiperspirants til puberty just deodorant. Also make sure they are actually scrubbing pits well when showering


My girls like Degree

Dove my girls like it! They actually asked for it before I had a chance to say anything my 10 year old likes the spray Dove

I always have to buy my daughter deodorant without aluminum because no other, not even mens help her.

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I was like that at a young age, most women’s deodorant didn’t work, or I was allergic to them as a kid. I’d end up using men’s deodorant, and that’s what worked best for me. As I got older I grew out of the allergies I had relate to women’s deodorants. I prefer dove deodorant though if anything, if not willing to use men’s.

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Talk to her pediatrician. Kids that young shouldn’t smell. At least not like adults smell.


Yes my 8 year old wears it. Her dr said it’s normal around that age

Teen spirit works but make sure they are washing their underarms every day

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I had tried almost every brand with my daughter, dove , secret , degree etc , arm and hammer is absolutely the best one and the wash soap is also great

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I don’t even know if they still make it but I bought the teen spirit deodorant, it had all the cute fruity scents. My daughter was around that age. ( she’s 22 now)

Up to you, frequent washing also. Some people just sweat more, or sweat has a more pungent odor.

Have her wash with baking soda (water and baking soda like a paste) and put deodorant on

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Lume but I’ve heard glycolic acid can help with underarm stink


My 7 year old daughter had to start putting on deodorant at a young age also and this is all natural and is aluminum free. A little pricey but I did some research and this is the best and safest one I’ve found for her.


We use Native… my daughter had to start at 7 too

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Tussy Cream Deodorant - Original Fresh Spice: 1.7 OZ

Mann… My 6 year old smells some times & I thought she was wayy to young for that.

Just get Vanicream antiperspirant… it doesn’t have anything irritating or fragrances and it eliminates odors and prevents them instead of trying to just mask them like most normal deodorants. Best brand for sensitive skin and would probably be your best first shot with someone that young that probably hasn’t used a whole lot of skin care products yet.

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Mine wears secret. I just had her start using what I do.

I went through this with my daughter starting a 6. She is now 11. She’s an athlete but the smell was worse that her big brother. She would try different deodorants every 2 weeks to see what worked. What worked at age 6 didn’t work at age 8 and what worked at age 8 didn’t work at age 11. Every body is different and constantly changing. Since deodorant can get expensive (she now uses the $10 can of dove spray deodorant) I started by buying the cheaper ones first to see if they worked.

I get the scent free deodorant for my 6 year old girl. My 9 year old girl and 11 year old boy now have scented deodorant but they had the scent free until it just wasn’t working anymore.

My 5 year old has SERIOUS BO…she wears deodorant

Never use antiperspirant. It clogs the pores and backs up into the glands which cause medical problems in the long run.
Use something natural and aluminum free.


I have 7 yr old twins too and same thing. I went and got her some bougie natural deoderant. It was expensive and didn’t work. So I got her teen spirit like I had and its working

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My 7 year old wears “Teen Spirit.”

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My 6 year old!!! And it’s been happening for a bit now! We are using aluminum free on her.

Most definitivelyI stared them with the dove spray they use less and their arm pits smell great too.

Dove :soap:. And tween secret

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My second daughter started growing hair and having stinky pits at 5. Literally raised her arms so I could buckle her seatbelt…and I saw hair under her arms. Just gotta start that discussion way sooner than you thought you’d need. Kids are starting their cycles early, so you just have to make sure they are aware of what their bodies can and will do.

I use arm and hammer for my 7 year old

Dove has an aluminum free antiperspirant that works wonders. I’ve recently switched to it and it works better than the other stuff I’ve used.

I started wearing deodorant around her age plus it’s never too early to teach about proper hygiene :relaxed:


My son is 10 and he has to wear deodorant, just something to make him smell better no antiperspirant in it.


If your looking for something really natural Cut a lime and have her squeeze a bit of juice on her armpit. That will help her with any odor .


Arm and hammer essentials is what we use.

Crystal (it’s a natural deodorant)

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Yes mine was 7 when she started deodorant

My 9 year old uses Arm & Hammer

My 7 almost 8 yr old and 15 yr old boys use Native. My oldest swears by it.

I use hey human I am European and have strong odor when I don’t use deodorant it’s all natural and works amazingly I started around her age

I had to make my, now two yr old, start wearing deodorant at one. She had extreme body odor. Her pediatrician suggested Tom’s brand

Yes my 8 yr old started before she turned 7

Tom’s or Keep It Kind!

Dr. Teals Deodorant it’s aluminum free and natural. Great scent as well :blush:

Underarm odour at 7. So buy spray deodorant & take daily showers. I think you are talking shit

I was the same way when I was younger and the only thing that worked for me was dove

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Yes my BF’s daughter wore it when she was 7

Every morning I have my girls aged 7 and 9 put on deodorant (I have a gel one or a spray one) and they can also chose a body spray if they want.

My son is now 9 on Sunday but he uses axe he chose it and my daughter almost 5 actually uses dove

My daughter is 7 and I noticed to especially after a long day at school.
She actually loves wearing deodorant, I did but her a roll on.
But she likes to use a underarm spray instead.
I have also been buying hello kitty body spray aswell just teaching her hygiene an smelling nice.

My 3 year old boy wears deodorant because he spells like a teenager that just got done playing football when we sweats.

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Have them shower a little more often
Use dry bar soap just moistrn it and apply and let it dry

Whatever you wear she needs also make sure she is washing herself well

I buy the aluminum free kind for my 7 yr old

My 4 year old wears deodorant because he gets musty if he doesn’t. Yes use deodorant

Lume natural works great .

We use Secret or Ban

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I say dove sensative soap n , any dove spray on .

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Arm & Hammer Naturals

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Edgar’s has had kids ranges of deodorants.they also have tween ranges. You just have to look. Don’t put adult deodorants yet, they’re too harsh.

Just get her some rexona

After I had my son I needed a super strength deodorant and nothing worked not even my husband’s Gillette. I tried Native and it’s amazing, smells nice too.

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I had both my kids starting to wear deodorant the moment they started playing sports at 7-8 years old and i noticed it made them sweat and stink from it. Teen Spirit deodorant is what i gave my daughter and it works great for her.

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Deodorant is very unhealthy especially this young stinky pits is from bacteria and what you eat sooo wash better and maybe change up the sugar intake

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My 7 year old has started to have stinky underarms. I use Dove 0% aluminum deodorant, which is not an antiperspirant, so I have her use it as well (when she remembers lol). The aluminum is not good for us, so my decision was to have her use my deodorant since I didn’t want her to be self-conscious or smell bad.

I got my daughter Tom’s it doesn’t have aluminum in it.

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I bought the secret roll on for my 11 year old and it worked better for her instead of spray

I started at 8 or 9. Its not a big deal.

Every kid starts at a different age, depending on how soon your family gets their period.
Just find what works best for your kiddo. :black_heart:

You don’t need everyone else approval to make your child not stinky lmao

My best friend’s daughter had a similar issue at a young age. The doctor told her it was due to something in her diet and that it would more than likely go away in time. It did.

Plant based deodorant, I use Dr. Teal’s, and plant based body wash. I use to have bad Bo no matter how lazy I sometimes due to thyroid disease but after switching all of my products to plant based I don’t have any anymore

Play Pits at Target. All Natural for kids.

It’s expensive but the only one i have found that works for one of my twin girls (and me) is lume. I have the same thing going on, but they just turned 9

I had to buy them both deodorant at early ages. I used secret for her n degree for him. They both had to learn hygiene pretty early, I felt guilty, but they needed it.

Deodorant with no antiperspirant. My oldest has been stinky since he was 2. Seriously. We addressed with his pedi who said as long as he isn’t showing signs of puberty, he’s just a smelly kid. We’ve been using Tom’s for him since then.

If she has an odor she needs deodorant. You don’t want to send her to school like that and kids pick on her


My daughter was about that age. She smelled like onions. So I started introducing her to deodorant. Each morning before school I’d ask did she put it on, and eventually she remembered it on her own.

My 7yo has had to use deodorant for about a year. I buy her toms it’s natural and also no antiperspirant.

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Idk if they still sell it but I used to use this brand all the time


My 7 year old uses secret. She would watch me in the mornings then decided around 2 years ago she NEEDED deodorant. She doesn’t leave the house without it

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Nothing wrong with deodorant. I’d maybe let her pick out one she likes so she would more likely use it. Make sure she’s cleaning her armpits with soap and water daily as well. Sometimes lack of fluids in your body can further bad odors. Keep her pretty hydrated.

Yup time for some Secret lol my daughter had stinky lil pits too at that age

Wear it. No bullying.

Yep at age 4 one was stinky