Best diaper bag?

Hey Mamas!
I am almost 27 weeks with baby #3 but it’s been 6 years since my last delivery and I am stuck when it comes to choosing a diaper bag!
I need some inspiration So, Show me your diaper bags! & What do you love about your bag, pros/cons, etc! :handbag::two_hearts:


I got a back pack diaper bag and it’s awesome

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I got a good 5 piece set from Wal-Mart for $20. It has 2 bags, one large and one smaller, changing pad, bottle holder, and a pouch to put the dirty diaper if you aren’t able to throw the soiled one away.

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I’ve had 3 kids myself all boys and honestly by the third one I just got a bigger purse and put his stuff in there it’s was much easier and more stylish I could get what I wanted lol


Check out jujube. Every size you’d need

I had two. A large one that I packed to go somewhere for the day like to daycare or grandmas house. And a small one I’d pack to run into town really quickly.

We LOVE our backpack diaper bag. So much easier to carry than the over the shoulder ones! We have one very similar to the one linked in this post, 3 years later and it’s still going strong!

I know it’s a fishing bag lol but it works great and easy to carry just large enough to carry everything I needed without being super bulky and annoying

I just order this, several friends reccomend. It has plenty of pockets and lot of room. It’s a bookbag. I wanted it because it will be easier to tote because I have other children

I have 3 boys… I use this bag for everything!!! It’s awesome and beautiful. :slight_smile:

I have a backpack diaper bag from Vera Bradley and it’s amazing! They were on Amazon for $138 I think - I have the gray one.

I got a super cute one by a brand called diaper diva and I loved it but ended up switching to a backpack diaper bag lol so much easier to handle with a baby and a toddler

With my first I had an identical backpack like this, just different brand and pattern. Having another girl and other one was white worn (she’s 2 1/2 and potty trained) so decided to keep the same style and get a different pattern. This is the one I have now.

I don’t have a picture but it has a fold out diaper changing pad with access to the diaper and wipe pockets right there
4 inside pockets and lots of room for more stuff
Two outside side pockets for water bottle or something else
It can go from being a shoulder bag to a backpack and has stroller straps
I love it!
It’s not excessively heavy either
A lot of diaper bags these days are so heavy even before you put anything in them.

I’ve used this diaper bag since my son been born and I love it. My son is almost 4 and I still use this bag for whenever I have an overnight stay or a long outing and need extra clothes Incase. It’s so chic, roomy and lots of pockets. And I love that it doesn’t look like the typical diaper bag.

I have a normal back pack that i use… my kids are 10y, 8y and 5 months old.

I started out with a regular diaper bag from Walmart and it was a pain so recently I switched to a fisher price backpack I got at target and it’s a lifesaver when you’re out and about. So much easier to just wear it and carry a baby then try to lug around a regular bag and a baby.

I have a back pack diaper bag and loooove it! So much easier to carry around and it holds everything perfectly.

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A pottery barn book bag is the best diaper bag I have ever had!

This time around I got a petunia pickle bottom backpack diaper bag can’t wait to use to it

I bought a regular backpack bag from my local “ross” and was only 20!! Literally just a cute bag fits everything. You honestly dont need a lot! Formula, bottle water, wipes, diapers, extra pair of clothes

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We just got a backpack diaper bag. It’s got a TON of space, compartments for everything, and a USB port that I bought a battery for so we can charge things on the go. I’m so in love with it, I’m probably going to get rid of my purse also and just use it all the time.

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I went through literally 6 diaper bags before finally finding one I like… It’s the itsy ritzy. Plenty of space and pockets that actually fit things and can keep the bag organized, not just a pocket to say “this bag has 22 pockets!” Or whatever. Insulated pocket, and organizers inside with pockets and a paci pocket which I use for a car key pocket. Haha anyway, I really love it and wish i would’ve checked it out sooner when everyone recommend it.


I used and still use 3 years later, a jansport backpack. It has pockets on the aide for bottles/sippy cups. 2 big pockets and 2 smaller pockets and lots of inside pockets and padded straps. Carrys everything I could ever need and keeps both hands free

I use a regular backpack … diaper bags aren’t big enough

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I bought a $10 tote bag it’s just the same as a diaper bag and cute

I love the back pack style ones! So much easier than the regular diaper bags :slightly_smiling_face: