Best diaper bags?

Hey moms! I’d like to know what baby bags you use/ prefer and why! Also did you take a the bag to the hospital or just a outfit to go home in for baby?


I love it so much

Backpack for sure ! I just bought one from pottery barn and hand them embroidery his name on it !
Yes I packed a bag for the hospital with gowns for the little one baby book different binkies , caps , mittens and socks and swaddles

I always took a few different outfits and my own baby blankets…but everytime the nurses would bring my baby back they would have the baby in the original hospital blanket…theres hospital hat…and a plain white shirt…and everything of mine tucked in the cart…i still packed for every baby and still re dressed baby everytime…

I am lucky enough to have a grandma that sews and she made me an awesome backpack style diaper bag with a fold out changing pad. I had a hospital bag packed and ready by the time I was 30 weeks along.

I had a baby bag that was like a carryon bag. It was great!!
And yes, pack a bag for the hosp. Onsies, bc they may puke, extra blankets (puke), bottles (If needed but they usually have formula in glass bottles and that can cause too much air going in their tummy)
Pacifiers, etc. Same as you’ll pack when you leave the house. :slight_smile:

I had a back back for my boy my girls a different bag, I like the back pack the best. I had a simple hospital bag. I felt like I left with more stuff from hospital. I also like the hospital baby bag I was given, I wore out my baby bag used it a lot. Have a comfy out for for you I could wear pants to sore a dress or leggins. A baby outfit…

I love the backpack diaper bags so much easier to carry and yes I took a baby bag to the hospital full of clothes I liked to put the baby in there own clothes

I’m in love with the new Itzy Bitzy Bag from Chelsea & Coles new collection :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I took a full bag for myself & for my daughter… Glad I packed so many clothes because she used every outfit… It’s cold in the hospital so I wanted to make sure she was warm at all times (even though it was summer). Hat’s, Mittens, Onesies, Sleepers, Cute outfits of course. Hope this helps :blush: Congrats :tada::tada:

My husband got me the Vera Bradley diaper bag backpack for Christmas in 2014. It is pricey but I still use it for my son and is still in great condition.

I packed it with anything you would need for an outing (diapers, wipes, powder/cream, hygiene kit, blankets, clothes, burp clothes, etc.).

I like the backpack one. For the hospital I took

-Pillow from home
-My favorite comfy tee for after giving birth
-comfy slippers
-Phone & charger
-a couple granola bars
-car seat, onesie, blanket for baby
-travel size shampoo and conditioner (trust me, you will feel so freaking good if you can grab a shower pretty shortly afterward)

You won’t need much at all for the baby, & trust me those mommy comfort items make the experience so much better.

This is the one i use…something me and his dad can carry around!

I didnt take it to the hospital though i just brought two going home outfits for my lo and the hospital i went to provided everything else…diapers, wipes, onsie, beanie, swaddlers

I’ve honestly never even used mine :weary::see_no_evil: a backpack or purse style would be best, I think… but I usually just carry a few diapers and a travel pack of wipes(and emergency butt paste and tylenol) in my purse.

I have a backpack style bag. I got a little bit of a fancier one that has a charging port, insulated pockets, an insulated wet wipe pocket and it’s waterproof. However, I prefer the backpack style in general, simply because I find it easier to maneuver when I’m carrying groceries, the car seat/baby, the diaper bag, etc. or for when we go on walks or anything. It’s way simpler.

Backpacks are the best! It’s easier on your shoulders. Get one that has a changing pad in it. Ours is fisher price brand but I’m looking for a bigger one now due to having 2 here soon.

I packed, comfy pajamas/leggings.
Snacks for dad
Lotion (hospitals are SO DRY)
Toiletries(toothbrush, hairbrush, ties)
Boppy pillow
A few onesies, and coming home outfit.
Blanket for baby.

My first, i used an expensive brand name diaper bag. My second, is where I knew what would suit me better and I used a pack sac. Haha get a good back pack and call it a day. Trust me in this one

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We ended up just using a back pack. The diaper bag was just too bulky and annoying. 🤷