Best diaper rash cream?

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What can you do for a open blister from diaper rash on a 3 month old?


Get cloth diapers until it starts to heal (just a suggestion) :pray:t4:

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I would go to the doctor get prescription cream with pain relief .

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Keep it clean and some barrier cream. Try and let some air to it x

Butt paste and Vaseline mixed together on the booty.

U can try corn starch only thing that worked for my son

Baby Aquaphor and water wipes works amazing

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Lotrimin af…
Doctor used to prescribe it when it was prescription. It’s in the athletes foot section cuz it treats bacteria

Pain relief cream from the doctor and keeping it dry as possible till it heals

Milk of Magnesia and corn starch. Make a paste. Takes out the acidity and protects/soothes skin. We used it in our daycare years ago. Was a lifesaver.

Let it air dry don’t put a diaper on the baby

Change the pee diapers more often to prevent open blister rashes… use butt paste and let the area breathe outside of the diaper.

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Coconut oil works wonders!

Vasaline…and putting it on at every diaper change with keep it from ever coming back

Oat meal baths help. Beaudros butt paste is great!

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Monistat worked when my daughter got a bad diaper rash and leaving the diaper off as long as possible

Leave the diaper off for a little bit and consider changing brands to honest . Butt paste works well too. And your ped can give you silvadene for burns if it gets really bad

Try to keep it dry and corn startch.

3 month old shouldn’t have blisters.


vasoline each diaper change

Try active yogurt instead of rash ointments.

How did they get such a bad rash?
I change my baby like 10 or more times a day. I Also use honest diapers.
Maybe try changing more often, different diapers and since it’s blistered I’d take your baby to their pedi to see what is best to heal it.


witch hazel to clean then aquaphor works amazingly well

Triple paste! First keep diaper off for as long as possible to air out and create new skin. Then a thick layer of triple paste. As each changing only wipe off the pee and poop. Try to leave a layer of paste and not wipe the skin

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So young to be having blisters! Definitely suggest changing the diaper more often. I also agree that you need to air it out… leave diaper off as other commenters say. Oatmeal bath works great and the magic butt cream someone suggested up above as well.


Corn starch oatmeal and corn starch bath!!!

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There is this stuff called new skin in the bandaid aisle. It’s a clear liquid that creates a barrier without a will help til it scabs. Soaking in oatmeal baths will help too

Prescription from the doctor…it’s usually yeast infection if it has blisters. Cornstarch in between.

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Eucerian, I used it my own private area and it stopped the pain right then , it works .

Cal-de-scene powder( the pink) works better than prescription md gave me

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Calmoseptine cream has been a lifesaver for us! I’m so glad our pediatrician told us about it. My daughter had such a bad diaper rash she was bleeding and within a day it was almost completely cleared up. Also stop using any wipes for a while and let your baby’s bottom air out. Buy some puppy pads and let baby chill with no diaper for as long as possible. We switched to Babyganics wipes also and we really have had no problems since. If she ever gets any irritation I just use a little bit of that cream and it clears it up.


Either buy some baby washcloths, or soak some Kleenex with some water to use as wipes until the sore clears up.

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Air out and butt paste. Change more often

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Corn starch give them lots of water no juice

Air out corn starch and if you can give the baby bath 2 times a day. Air dry

Wash the baby’s butt under the faucet of running water every time you change her then dry good and put Destin on.

Leave his diaper untaped

Gold bond baby powder, can crisco lard . But please do change baby more often ,check ever 30 minutes. Also maybe allergic to something contact with??.

My grand daughter’s butt would look like a meat cLeaver had been taken to it if anyone gave her orange juice. Till sh e was 10!!

At pharmacy(Walmart ) you can ask for Resinol ,its not prescription. It’s a burn cream and works immediately . Like one application…its pricey but only have to use like a nickel size on booty. $10.00. But worth every penny for a situation like that. It’s like the Gold of diaper rash treatment!


A&D ointment worked for us. We also apply it daily for prevention of another diaper rash :+1:t3:

Baking soda in bath water

Old times ask your grandmother

My son was allergic to something in disposable diaper I use cloth on him and wash easy and destin or some type cream

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Go diaper free as much as possible to air out the area

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I had to change to cloth diapers for my daughter

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Air will be the very best thing.


Omg DONT! That is most likely called a boil and they are extremely painful :persevere: you change diaper brands that’s what you do! Your baby can’t use whatever you’ve been providing. Take baby to pediatrician, to lance if need be. Omg :open_mouth: my hurt sunk into my stomach which dropped to the floor with my jaw right now as I read this.


Breast Milk is really good


My credentials: I’m a medical assistant that worked dermatology. Annnnnd I had a daughter that experienced this. Oh god I hope I made it on time to comment before you tried anything.

Boudreaux Butt Paste was Mart excellent used when my grandsons bottom was even bleeding after giving him peaches the first time and finding out he was allergic to them like his momma

Yes definitely change the diaper brand. My daughter had cyst like sores and a fire engine red rash on her little bum whenever she wore huggies. I always let her air it out and used pink salve, just recently I’ve been using cornstarch and sprinkling some in her diaper and it works 10x better than any ointment I’ve found. But don’t use baby powder or anything that has talcum!!

good old fashioned zinc oxide always worked on my kids!!

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If it’s open then let it dry, leave the diaper off for a bit, once it’s dry use anti biotic ointment at first but keep it as dry as possible, for my little guy I used cloth diapers so I could change it often and just wash them in mild detergent and air dry them. With the hot weather take baby outside in the shade and let them play naked in a play pin.

My daughter had to have a prescription diaper rash cream. Found out no others were suitable for her. One treatment of it and I saw a big improvement. Should maybe see if her pediatrician has any suggestions.

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Go. To. The. Doctor.

Jesus Christ.


Change the babies diaper way more often, not that you dont change when needed but just change more frequently, warm bath with Aveeno, && desitin!

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Keep your babies bottom dry. If need be change the diaper brand. But you may not need to. Change the babies diaper more often. Creams and ointments will only keep it moist. You could try phytoplex powder( using sparingly and wisely I know powders a big no…no anymore.) They do also make a cream. This is what we used for an individual I cared for, and its amazing. You can find it at most pharmacies and csn get a prescription for it.

Baby needs antibiotics !

It happens moma. My baby is 2 and still has this problem she has sensitive skin. Take her to the doctor it could turn into staph. They will prescribe her antibiotic ointment or a special rash cream.

Buy a box of cornstarch in the grocery store, put two big spoon in a clean sock, don’t use baby wipes wash the area and dried it good then Potter with the sock

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Mix antibiotic ointment with desitin diaper rash max treatment (purple)… multiple baths a day w aveeno oatmeal.
My mom is incapacitated and will sometimes get bed sores. We use a gold bond medicated cream with her that works really well. I’ve never tried it on any of my kids. You can always ask your pediatrician about it. 3 mos may be too little for that

Don’t use wipes! Just water on a wash cloth.


A n D and desitin. But also… let that baby’s booty air out. After a bath let them chill without a diaper for a bit. The ointments alone were NOT enough for our babiest when he was brand new.

Also different diaper creams work for different kids. I would switch around until you find the right one.

After cleaning blow dry with dryer cool setting ,

Let them air out and use Vaseline! I dont like the cremes you can get cause it just makes it worse in my opinion and baby powder

A&D helped my daughter. She is lactose. Air dry.

This stuff is seriously amazing, i will never use anything else Calmoseptine Ointment 4 oz

Aquaphor and change/check them every hour. That’s what we do at my preschool for really bad/raw diaper rashes.

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Get to a doctor before it turns into something worse. Also…no baby wipes. Use a soft wash cloth with warm water only and be very gentle. Keep her as dry as you can. But…GET TO A DOCTOR PLZ!!! They will give her an antibiotic that will help. Air out the bum too…lay her on some towels and let her tush air out with no diaper.


Don’t use whipes, warm cloth and corn starch. Change diaper as soon as wet also let baby roam diaper free for a while. If it doesn’t go away bring to the doctors

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Tubs! My daughter is super sensitive so even if we change her as soon as she goes, she already has a rash going. I put her in the tub and let her air dry after to avoid infection. Go a size up as well to allow more room between skin and the diaper. Ask the pediatrician for advice as well especially if it can be caused due to sensitivity.

Clean wel, air it for a few minutes, and I use bag balm to cover in diaper. Bag balm is magic.

Vagisil yes that vagisil

Organic coconut oil will work within hours! We swear by it for 4 month old.

Change their diaper more often.
That’s ridiculous.


Can only find it at Walgreens

Let it dry out for a little while during the day and before bed I would fan my kids fannies when they got like that :sob::sob::sob: and frequent diaper changes are also helpful even if you have to wake baby up and I mean frequent like every hour and extra strength desitin

When shes well use hold bond baby powder, if she tends to get red the resinol at Walmart pharmacy is #1. Ask pharmacist for it.

Just going to say, for everyone saying “try changing the diaper more”. Clearly your kid has never had a horrible stomach virus, that they were pooing every 2 hours, and with painful cries, red, blistered bum.
All you can do is go to the dr, get a steroid cream, or use which ever home remedy you’d like, and airing that little tush out!
It is not fun, stomach viruses are the worst, especially on little bodies

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Go to the doctor. Open blisters aren’t something to mess with especially if it gets infected. Although it’s nice to ask for help from others, you NEED to take your baby to a doctor!!

You are absolutely right Ashley

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