Best diapers for newborns?

what are the best diapers for newborns? About to give birth and want to stock up!



Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best diapers for newborns?

Get different sizes not just all the same , I would get 2 new born, 2 size 1, 3-4 size 2s , and go from there

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Different sizes but we liked pampers.


But don’t buy heaps of New born, my 2 week old is already in infant size

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Pampers was my favorite! Huggies gave my daughter a weird rash

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I did Huggies and Pampers with my oldest and doing the same now with my 2 week old

Walmart brand worked great for me & 3 kids.

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Personally pampers or huggies

Pampers swaddlers for newborns was our favorite

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Huggies little snugglers but be careful getting a bulk amount. I got pampers for my 2nd and he ended up with a chemical burn, this was 12 years ago but still they can have a reaction to them.

Pampers is the best brand , I used this one for my daughter and son.

Huggies are the only brand that doesn’t break my babies butt out in a bad rash! Been using them since she was 1lb in the NICU and she will be 3 in June and we are still in size 6. Potty training is right around the corner for my girl though

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Everyone has their own favorites. For nb I like pampers and huggies. I’m a die hard fan for huggies. Hate luvs. (Just had 4th baby in January first one I used pampers with and I liked them)… I also like walmart brand for small babies. (In my experience not so good when they are over 1yr)

Hospital sentrus home with pampers. We tried Huggies luvs parents honest but what worked for us was Kroger brand. Every kids is different start off with a pack or two

All my kids were in different brands tbh
One Huggies one Walmart brand one luvs and one Kroger brand.

My personal favorite is huggies or pampers swaddlers but the most economical are up and up brand from target. If they weren’t so expensive I’d prefer huggies but I used up and up 90% of the time with my last 2 kids and Aldi brand occasionally also.

Pampers swaddlers for sure

Pampers swaddlers all my kids have sensitive skin and 2 had eczema as babies never bothered them and

It really depends on babe. All my three had different reactions to different brands.
My oldest two couldnt use huggies. My last one couldnt use the mom to mom brand or the signature care brand. But did fine with huggies

Huggies special delivery!!!

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I personally wouldn’t stack up too much as I had a few different types as we’re given some by people also and although everybody on here is saying Huggies or pampers my daughter isn’t allergic to anything but gets rashes from both nappies and the pamper Wipes. I would just see how you get on and probably not stack up too much.

I’ve used pampers with my first two kids, switched to luvs with my last two.

I use Huggies special delivery. Only kind I use. I love them.

I used Honest when my son was a born.

Pampers good for nb, luvs on Amazon seem to be the least expensive. But again prices rising all the time.

Pampers and then Huggies as they get older .

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Target brand(up &up) are the only things that work for us.
Pampers, Huggies, luvs, parents choice, Honest, hello bello were all garbage for my son.

But every baby is different

Tough one when I couldn’t afford them I brought the cheaper brands and they worked out fine.its depends on your baby reaction to diapers some may be irritating and some not. But I would start out with any name brand .

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Don’t stock up on newborn diapers… Just get a few small packs of a couple to make sure they don’t have a reaction. Then stock up on sizes 3-4, they won’t be in sizes newborn-2 for very long.

Washable Birds Eye Diapers.

My son is 5 weeks old and uses Huggies. We tried pampers when we ran out of Huggies (was given to us at baby shower and gender reveal) he developed a rash and with one pee he leaked through.

Only but a small amount of newborn and stock up on the 1-2
They grow out of newborn way too fast

Used pampers for my girls.

Sometimes the best brand won’t be the same for every baby. With my 1st child I tried the sams brand and she broke out in a rash. The only diapers I was able to use in her early stages were Huggies and then I was able to use the pampers brand.


You just have to know… Diaper rash of which… Like me i did pampers MB my second luvs.

Terry cloth. Try to do diaper :pushpin:

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Buy gift cards rather then stocking up-

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It depends on the baby. My oldest was allergic to all Huggies products. My middle and youngest were allergic to Pampers products. Also, my oldest and middle never wore newborn size diapers, they both started at size 1. My youngest was in newborn for almost a month.

Seventh generation or cloth diapers.

Pampers swaddlers with all 4 of my babies. Then they each grew differently and needed different things. But as new borns, I always start with that

I love luvs when they are little and Huggies not to bad either

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Huggies little snuggles have been my favorite with all three of my kiddos


2- 3 large boxes of huggies nappies. Plus u can never have enough wipes.
Plus one packet of nappies for hospital

Why in the heck didn’t u start stocking up at 6 weeks???

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To be honest, buy a few cloth diapers (as emergency backups) and then honestly it is trial and error with kids and their skin with disposables.

Seriously would not stock up too much but rather save money specifically for diapers. Each baby has a different fit and different allergic reactions. :revolving_hearts: My sister tried stocking up for her baby and ended up having to sell on market place because her daughter was allergic to what she had

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It’s got to be huggies or nothing :see_no_evil:

I preferred Huggies, but I wouldn’t stock up too much on Newborn. As depending how big baby is you may go to the next size fast.

My first son was in newborn for about 6-8 weeks (if I remember correctly) but my second son was only in them for about a month.

best diaper for newborns? Any diaper . Just do not leave the newborn in one for too long,maybe?

Pampers are our my favorite

Personally I used pampers but they changed and I know lots of babies had reactions to them
Whatever you choose dont buy lots to begin with incase baby reacts and never stock up on newborn anything…that size was useless for my 2 from birth lol .

We loved pampers. Then we found out about Aldi diapers!
The best diapers besides from cloth has worked well. Especially for over night

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All babies are different can’t really say I was a pampers person after my first tried them all and then swore by them but someone convinced me to try parents choice after my third and I finally did and never went back. And they are a quarter of the price and just as great. U have to try. Grab the bags not boxes. They grow out of them so quick too up till size 3. After 3 I would start getting boxes n won’t have to worry about that as much Lol

I’ve mostly used Huggies kids allergic too pampers,I’ve also used luvs. And think parents choice with all 3

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I always used Huggies and never had diaper 4rash problems.

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Luvs leak the worst, and cause rashes. Pampers are gentle, and leak less. Huggies don’t leak, but aren’t as gentle. Generic are usually Huggies quality. Stock up on bigger sizes. They grow fast!

I found hello bello home delivery service to be a true dream come true - diapers are really good quality and cute designs as a bonus
The send you 7 pks of diapers and 4 pack of wipes every 3/4/5 weeks as you prefer and you can do 2 sizes in a box so 3 pks NB 4 pks size 1. I’ve actually had times when I’d delay the shipment a few weeks because I still had enough.
The best part is not running out to the stores with a new baby to look for diapers and hope they have what you want in the right size.
Ps parents choice leaked for me a LOT and even had a couple times it leaked those little beads onto baby’s private areas

Kids and grandkids used them

Generic brands seemed to hold more for us. My oldest didn’t have a sensitivity but my middle son seemed to get red skin near the Huggies tags.

as a M/B RN, we used them all, I always really liked Pampers. But everyone always has their own preference. I would say buy one pack of each & see which one YOU like

I wouldn’t stock up. We did that and then our child had a reaction to the diapers and we could no longer use them


Huggies or pamper. Babys skin may not agree with less expensive diapers sometimes.

Raga babe cloth diapers

Papers swaddlers then around 6 months I switch to luvs

Its different for every baby.
My boys wore pampers.
My girls wore Huggies.

All babies have different tolerances to the different chemicals and materials of diapers… there is no real answer here until after your babe is born.

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Huggies little snuggles for newborn size but Costcos brand Kirkland has honestly been the best.

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Every baby is different. Mine was allergic to Luvs & Huggies.

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Don’t buy lots of newborn diapers, you will most likely end up not using them!

Also I found that Huggies Special Delivery were sooo soft and didn’t leak at all

Pampers Swaddlers for newborn but they grow out of that size so fast, I’d get few and stock up on size 1, just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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Mine couldn’t tolerate Huggies or Luvs, but he actually did best with members mark diapers from Sams. My Mom bought them once because of the price. My son has super sensitive skin and eczema

Don’t overstocked they grow fast


Pampers swaddler. They give them to you in the hospital and they really are the best

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Coterie diapers- organic, hypoallergenic and soft like cotton!

Get one pack of swaddled new born. And one pack of swaddler size one. And see how big baby is. Three of my kids were in newborns for two days and then outgrew them to a size one. My fourth wasn’t in them at all. Straight to a size one lol

Pampers Swaddlers only. Neither of my boys ever had a diaper rash with them. Then instant we used anything else, they got rashes. The Swaddlers go up to size 4 or 5. We never used anything else.

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Don’t stock up. Your baby may be allergic to different brands.


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For my daughter, I used Pampers…and believe it or not…I used Walgreens brand. (I worked there, so the discount was great…but they worked just as good as namebrand for me)
And side note…if you try different brands…if you don’t like them after 1 or 2 changes…return/exchange them to try another!

We tried pampers, huggies but so far Sam’s club brand does great for our little guy, the other ones he would leak through more often.

Parents choice! They hold up great and they are super cheap! Both my kids were sensitive to diapers and could only use huggies or pampers. Any other cheaper brand made their skin look burned besides PARENTS CHOICE. Walmart brand! I swear by them. All the way into pull-ups, they’re the best!

Wouldnt stock up on nappies as some babys are allergic or react some some brands so wait till babys born then see what suits baby then bulk buy always the best way

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Huggies little snugglers are the only ones we will use. Pampers blow out all the time and give my kids rashes along with loves. Kirkland brand isnt bad as a back up in a pinch thougn


Pampers Swaddlers but after the first few weeks tried Target’s brand and I liked those even better!!

We loved pampers and Huggies.

Agree with the comment above. My daughter was allergic to Pampers. She did good with Huggies or Luvs

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I always used Pampers when my kids were newborns

Don’t stockpile newborn size though. They grow so quick. I liked any of the pampers.

Pampers for the first 4 months then the Walmart brand.

Huggies as new borns then I would switch to luvs as baby gets bigger I never cared for pampers

Don’t stock up. They may have allergies to certain brands.

I love pampers for diapers and pull ups … there a little expensive but so worth it

My suggestion would be to buy a tiny package of whatever brands you would like to try and then check prices of the large boxes. Put that money aside in an envelope, bag, or just keep track in your account. Once baby comes, make sure no allergies, sizing issues, leakage, etc.

Luvs ran small for my one kid, caused a rash on the other. Huggies leaked. Pampers were awesome but expensive. Parents choice are nice and half the price. They worked great on both my kiddos.

There’s no point in paying double price for half the product.

Aldis ! The thing is if your baby is sensitive you can’t use certain brands but I love luvs as well😂 they’re baby powder scented

I used pampers and Huggies. Newborn-1 month pampers.