Best diapers for premies?

So my son is just a week old. He came a bit early as a little over 5 lbs. Premie diapers fit around his legs so nothing leaks out but he’s long so it doesn’t come up enough for my liking. Newborn diapers are y’all enough for him but he leaks out the sides. He’s perfectly in btw premie and newborn. Any ideas to prevent him leaking and going thru 7 outfits at least a day? :eyes::joy:

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Are you pointing him down?

Sounds like a preemie diaper would do the job as the only reason is it’s not tall enough for your taste…but if the legs fit then that’s the one you should be using…hes not gonna leak out the top unless he poops and blowouts happen regardless of diaper


If you already have preemie and newborn diapers, double up with preemie on first and newborn overtop. We do that in the hospital with some kids and it works great


Use the newborn and fold in the top. Thats what we did with our preemies.

Try cloth diapers or fold the newborn sized diapers.

Put the plastic underwear made for cloth diapers over the disposable diaper

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Make sure to point him downwards. Use the newborn size and fold the top inside to snug it up and not irritate his belly button.


I’ve never had a problem with newborn dipars and she was 5lbs when I gave birth to my baby. I used huggies

My son was 5lbs 11oz. We used newborn huggies and folded the top down some and made sure he was pointing down.

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If the premie diapers don’t leak I would just use those.


Try a different brand :woman_shrugging:t2: I found huggies and Pampers fit a little differently

Switch brands? I didn’t have a preemie but my firstborn had long skinny legs (still does at 18 lol) and the first brand we used was Huggies and they didn’t fit tightly enough around her legs so everything leaked out. We had better luck w/ Luvs.

We had the same problem with newborn diapers with my son. I literally just let him lay in the house with a diaper on on top of a puppy pad, then covered him with a receiving blanket. When we left the house, I made sure to pack 5 or so outfits just in case. Only lasted for about 2 weeks until size 1s fit him

You could try putting plastic pants over the diaper,but that is boys

Fold the front top of the newborn diaper down. It will fit better around the legs. My son was born at a pound and a half and they didn’t have xs preemie diapers then so that’s what I had to do

Use cloth diapers and fold them so they fit then use rubber pants over them old fashion but it will work as long as you no how to fold a diaper

I had a preemie 10 weeks early she never was I preemie diapers the hospital put her straight in newborn and folded them

You can fold the new born diapers at the top to help it fit his legs better. I had to do this with my son

My son was also premature and I think Huggies worked the best. My second choice would be Pampers