Best discipline technique?

I’m trying to use a different discipline action - any suggestions on a good discipline besides spanking?

I have a 3 yr old 2 yr old 10 yr old and recently took in a 4 yr old.


Positive Parenting Solutions has many alternatives and her approach has helped me lots


My little ones respond well to taking a beloved item away until behavior changes and time outs. As they have matured, we use reward charts to work on a behavior change and lots of positive reinforcements.


Stay stern and steady with it mama !

Time out, taking things away,it all depends what works best for you and the kids

Not sure why you took in a 4 year old,
But bless you for doing it :black_heart:


your 10 y old is about the only one with the brain capacity to understand discipline or punishment


We do timeouts and taking away things.


Contrary to what is being said, 2,3,and 4 year Olds do understand the concept of punishment. My youngest is 1.5 and understands when I tell you no. And don’t do that. Time outs, taking things away, are the best. And not all styles of disipline will work for each child too.


Stern voice. They have to know you’re serious. Consistency is key. If you say you’re going to give a punishment or discipline, it better be something you’re willing to follow through with. Good luck! And bless your heart for taking in a 4 year old :purple_heart:

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I do mannual labor pull weeds feed animals or do farm work makes them to tired to act out

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Positive parenting class I took said try to give them choices,
unload the dishwasher or clean the bathroom

your choice is to pick up your room, or I take your tv out of your room for 3 days,

Let them know the consequence of not doing it, if they start throwing a fit, you simply say you were given a choice, this time you made the wrong choice, now we can learn what we need to do next time and we can make a better choice.

Follow through, its tough and it will take time to get through to them but they will learn that if they have not done what is asked, that they were told the consequence prior. I think the hardest part about this is following through and not giving in, so stay strong.


We take things away that she loves whenever she does something bad (tablet, tv, playing outside). She would also stand facing a wall, or goes to bed early which she hated. I would take away fun things we had planned if she acted up too, like the pool or her friend sleeping over. She is now 5 almost 6 and with constant consistency in discipline I almost never have to reprimand her anymore. Shes such a good girl and i am so proud of how she carries herself💖

I only had one and its a lot less hectic then you have it. Just take a deep breath, and know that your doing good by trying mama!
Just remember consistency is key! Even though sometimes you might want to rip your hair out it’s all worth it in the end!

My 4 year old was acting up horribly. Then one day I finally had enough, and cleared all her toys from her room and the upstairs.
When she acted up and was bad she went to get room until she apologized. Then I’d explain to her why she got sent to her room. When she was good for a week she got one of her small toys back, when she was good for a month she got one of her big toys back.
Within TWO days of doing this her behaviour changed . For the better. She still has her moments but we are consistent with it, and her behaviour and attitude has changed

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Make sure they know what is expected of them, if they break a rule give them a chance to stop the behavior, if they don’t put them in time out/or take a privilege away. Consistency is key, if you half a** it they won’t take you seriously. remember just because a child is crying, doesn’t mean they are hurt a lot of times kids try to manipulate you with crying, (yes even toddlers do it) don’t let them. Your kids and society will thank you for teaching them how to behave.

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My 1 yro nothing yet but my 2 yro sits in a chair with nothing where my 17 yro i take her tv and phone and my 19 yro i take the wifi box