Best ear plugs for kids with tubes in their ears?

Has anyone had kids that got tubes in their ears. My 3 year is going to get it done next month. And would love to know which ear plugs u guys got that u loved. As we live near a lake and she loves water. And I have so much anxiety already about it. Help!!!

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I just had my tube removed after it was in for over 20 years. Highly recommend the ones that mold to the ear

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Your ENT should recommend ear plugs. Mine recommended the moldable silicone ones.

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I mean you just don’t go in the water, especially the lake, for the first 2-4 weeks I believe it is. My daughter has gone through 3 sets now, and they specifically tell you to stay out of lakes and that type of water for a time. I can’t say for certain it’s 2 weeks bc it’s been a few years since my daughter’s last set, but I’d wait it out vs using ear plugs. After that time frame she should be good to go. Kids that little do NOT like keeping ear plugs in, if you do go in a lake before the doctor clears it just make for darn sure those plugs stay in. Pool swimming is much preferable to a lake, less infection risk.

Get one of the headbands works wonders

Silicone, I had 6 sets of tubes over my life and you can’t get any water in your ears at any time. I always used silicone