Best face moisturizer?

What is the best face moiustruizer? my face is always dry and it drives me insane


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Jlo skin care are absolutely amazing.
That Blockbuster Cream ( is the moisturizer)

I use ponds from Walmart

Multiple Dermatologists have recommended the brand CeraVe for my daughter.

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My face used to literally flake before i started using this. I had tried many others that didn’t work. Make sure its the cream not lotion!!

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Tallow!!. Best moisturizer along with treating the skin💗

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Increase your water intake and check out any of the moisturizers from Farmhouse Fresh. Your skin is your largest organ and it’s always trying to tell you something. If your skin is dry, often you are not taking in enough water.

I use a thicker cream in the winter with hyaluronic acid and water moisturizer with SPF in it to allow my face to breathe

Argan oil is amazing! (You want to make sure it is put Moroccan argan oil from Agadir). I use loreal moisturizer in the morning and argan oil at night and I think my skin is well balanced and looks pretty good for 49.

Estée Lauder resilience lift is amazing for dry skin . Make sure to pair it with the advanced night repair serum before applying the moist moisturizer

I use the naked bee’s hand salve my skin is so much better now

Organic cold pressed Coconut oil!!

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream.