Best formula for sensitive babies?

Fan question: my daughter is 8 weeks old as of yesterday. She is formula fed for various reasons. We unfortunately have tried 5/6 different formulas on her. She had always mostly been squirmy while feeding, arching back, moving head side to side, fussing, and pull away from the bottle. She is currently on soy because she was having these problems to begin with and her poop was green so the dr thought maybe a milk intolerance. Well if anything, it has gotten worse! She will usually only take snack bottles, couple ounces at a time throughout the day. BUT she does have days where she will take 5 ounces at a time all day long, no problems what’s so ever. She burps ALOT and farts ALOT. We have switched formulas, nipples, and bottles to try and figure this out but I’m at a loss as to what to do. I of course am going to get her back into the doctor when they open, but I’d love some insight from experienced formula feeding mommies.


5 or 6 formulas in 8 weeks? Thats not enough time in between to truly test out the change. Is it?


Awww I’m so sorry! Hope something helps.

See if you can sample nutramigen, my son was the same way and we tried everything as well including soy and goat milk and nutramigen formula helped so much. He ended up having a very sensitive stomach to alot of things.
Nutramigen is a hypoallergenic formula that helps with colic or fussy babies, any allergy to cows milk and it has all that right stuff for your babys development.


Probably a milk protein allergy, not a lactose issue

Try Similac Comfort formula, it’s in a purple can. My baby was the same way and this did the trick. Also, Mylicon drops are wonderful found at Walmart. I seen a difference after one feeding and complete change in three days after switching to this formula. :grin: Good luck!

My grandson was he same with cows milk and soy formula. We changed him to goats milk formula and he was fine. It’s worth a try.

If there is any way possible to use breast milk, I would, your baby is clearly telling you that her body is fighting hard to reject everything else. Not sure the issues you have with breast feeding, but, maybe try pumping? Idk, the issue is clear, the solution is finding out how this baby can get the natural nutrition her body is screaming for…

Could be reflux to i had to put my daughter on zantac

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The doctor may have to put her on nutramigen.

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My niece had this same problem we bought a goat and she got goat milk best thing that every happened to her i think you can but it and whole food stores

Have you tried the Dr.Brown bottles it just seems like she’s very gassy.

If your baby is lactose intolerant she most likely cant have soy also. For most people their body cant tell the difference between soy protien and dairy protein so it will react the same, that’s what my doctor told me for my son so we had to cut out both.

5 oz is alot for an 8 wk old. I would think 3 oz would be a good amount.
Id have her checked for silent reflux. Maybe some zantac would help out as I doubt it’s a allergy or at least not just an allergy.
Also try some gas drops in each bottle. Maybe she has lots of gas and that’s why she’s so sqirmy

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Stop changing formulas! It takes 2-3 weeks for a baby to adjust! You’re part of the problem. You need time for her body to adjust. Also let her finish the bottle before burping. You’re just creating more gas by constantly burping! Burp for 5 mins & if nothing comes, she’ll fart it out.
I had the same problem with daughter. Changed formula too much & constantly burped. Now I have a happy 7 week old. When she was 4 weeks I just picked a formula & called it done. Now we no issues!
The green poop is from the iron, most likely.

Sounds like reflux to me, I would suggest that to the doc. My son was on meds that helped a lot. (Sorry if someone probably already said this I didn’t read the comments)

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My daughter had similar as well as not gaining weight they put her on puramino an amino acid based formula

Doctors need to look on the insides of your little one!

My children both use karihome ( goat milk) and both are very healthy

Can you please give us a follow up hunny?

My grandson was exactly the same. They diagnosed him with acid reflux

My son couldn’t handle soy or the regular formula. We had to use nutramagen.

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No… You need to give her time to get used to a formula before switching! Find her a different doctor. When both my girls went on enfamil gentle ease (first was doing similac which constipated her and my second was breastfed until 6 weeks) both of them had green poops for quite a bit until it got more seedy, but even then some poops were still green and stinky. Both also had reflux. Burped and farted a lot. That’s all normal mama… Try sticking with one for a while. See how she adjusts to it. YouTube colic baby massage and try that out for a few days. It gets the gas moving in the right direction. Once I started moving my baby more she started passing everything so much easier. She would scream like she was in pain for the first 2-3 months of her life. She is about to be 4 months in 5 days & poops without screaming now, passes gas with little effort, and takes a whole 4-8 ounces in a feeding! Still spits up sometimes, but again that’s normal. Also still poops green most of the time!

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goat milk saved my life and also my sisters

My 9 week old was the same way! We went through every formula and nutramigen has been what works for her hands down!

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we ended up with Similac pro sensitive. before that she spit up a lot was very gassy.

Take her to another Dr. Or try can milk. Formula

My daughter had similar issues we had to use the Playtex bottles that you put the liners in. She was on soy milk and she had projectile vomit after every feeding gas she didn’t sleep nothing she was just uncomfortable all the time. They wanted to put her On nutramigen And that’s a formula where the proteins are already broke down and easier for the baby to digest. We just stuck with soy And at like 10 months I know you’re not supposed to do it but we pulled her off of formula and stuck her on 2% milk And she did so much better. she has never ever ever been able to drink vitamin D milk it makes her stomach hurt horribly and she is 13 now. She dealt with it for probably about four or five months pretty much until she couldn’t burp and fart on her own but we still had the vomiting.

We used Gripe water. My first baby was VERY colicky!!! Please ask your doctor to try to prescribe you an acid reflux med too. I wish I would have done that but didn’t know as a 1st time mommy. But definitely try the gripe water it helps so much with gas. You can put it right in with the bottle too, no flavor.

I breast fed but I’ve heard similac gentle ease? Not sure if that’s how it’s spelled

Maybe a lip or tongue tie. Or gas could be making her uncomfortable.

Similac sensitive is the one I’ve had the most success with. Also, “snack bottles” aren’t really a thing. At her age they feed on demand and sometimes they “demand” less than others. I would keep her upright against your chest and burp her after every feed and don’t lay her flat on her back. She probably has reflux, which is actually quite normal. Even if she falls asleep during her feed, bring her up to your chest and burp her as she sleeps


My daughter was the SAME and she is now on nutramigen formula (most expensive one out there) and baby zantac for acid reflux. Both have helped TREMEDOUSLY. She has about 7 poop diapers a day caused from the formula but that’s decreased from the 10+ when we first started her on it. Her stools are more solid, her tummy is less hard, no more arching or fussing during feedings and less gas. She’s a happy go lucky baby now.

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You’re switching formula too damn much. You need to pick one and stick to it or you’re gonna flip her damn stomach.

My daughter did same they feel may have been milk intolerance which they can outgrow, dr. Put her on enfamil gentle ease and she did wonderful. She has no milk intolerance now she’s outgrown it

Have you tried gripe water with any of that?

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My son was like that and he thrived on soy. Hope you get it figured out soon🙏

Nutrimagen is the best! If anything like gastric reflux ,or the flap at her esophagus isnt closed, or allergic to milk protein, or anything else is wrong of that nature it can actuall help fix those problems. Also is very easy on their bellies!!! #1 recommended, specially if baby has tried other formulas and still having discomfort. (F.y.i if you have WIC you need a dr note for them and to be stern with them! They will try to get you to get something cheaper regardless of your baby being in pain) i tried everything and nutrimagen was the best. Also was the only kind i could use when i was a baby 27 years ago. (It healed my stomach and my sons so i truelly would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Even if baby is just gassy it will help!)

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Oh Lordy!

My kids all had this exact thing. Nothing helped. Went through every formula known to man until we reached Elecare. Nutramigen helped for like two weeks. My first two suffered for up to seven months bouncing from formula to formula. Always crying in so much pain.

They were intolerant/allergic to milk, milk protein, soy based.

Elecare is plant based and hypoallergenic. Expensive. But it was so worth it!

On my third child we tried regular milk formula and realized he had the same reaction so we just went straight to Elecare.

I wasn’t about to let him suffer for six or seven months until the doctor ruled out the other milks.

Ask your dr to check for reflux. My was prescribed ranitidine (dosage adjusted as she gained weight). Try having her sleep at an incline, hold her upright for about an hour after feeding. I proped mine with a pillow and it worked wonders.

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Might switch the water you’re mixing with, or the type of bottle used. For my daughter, it was the water.

Lots of advice on what to feed your baby. How are you holding her to feed? Are you burping after each ounce or after the whole bottle? Are you nervous or stressed when you do the feedings? Do you have help with your baby?

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Could be she’s sucking air while nursing. My grandson had the same problems and it was that his lower jaw was out of alignment. A chiropractor took care of it.

Perhaps she’s tongue tied and can’t latch properly.