Best gaming computer?

Are there any gamers in here? I’m buying my son a gaming computer for his Christmas. He wants to be able to play games like call of duty without it being slow or glitching. Can someone link me to a computer on Amazon that will work?


As long as it has an i5 with a good nvidia graphics card and you buy a monitor with at least a 60hz refresh rate, you’re golden :smiling_face:

As a gamer myself this is a solid build that will play just about everything on the market smoothly and with maximum graphics enabled. You typically aren’t going to find a solid PC for gaming for less that $1K and that’s considered budget gaming PC range. High ends are gonna run between $2K and $3K. Are you a human?

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I would avoid Amazon completely I’m not a fan of prebuilt computers I build my own but would be one of the few prebuilt sites that I would trust plan on spending atleast $900 minimum for the computer for any decent gaming

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