Best gaming system for a 7 year old?

My 7 year old has been asking for some kind of gaming console…i am unsure what to get him as i am not a gamer and neither his dad? what route should we go down?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best gaming system for a 7 year old?

I would reccomend going outside to play


I agree with the Switch, easy parental controls (that you can control from your smartphone) so you can set time limits and such, and a lot more small kid friendly games. :slight_smile:


None. Too young. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and their counterparts elsewhere didn’t let their kids have gaming devices, tablets, etc, until they were much older.


Nintendo Switch…bought one and they liked it so much we bought another. The 2nd one was a chore and and their own money purchase. It was well worth it. 9 and 11 at the time.

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My 9 year old has a ps4 but he also loves to use my older console my ps2 to play ps1 and ps2 games and they dont have online crap so alot safer for them. Also my son quite likes his pokemon on his nintendo 3ds and switch

If you go Xbox/PS make sure to set up an adult acct for yourself and then a child’s acct for your kid. You need to be able to control how much they’re playing, who they’re in contact with, what rating games they’re playing, and things like purchases. And please don’t let your kid play adult games it sucks being put on a team with a kid who throws fits when it doesn’t go their way. Or listening to them give away all of their personal information to tons of strangers bc their adults didn’t take their time to set up appropriate boundaries for the console. Personally I’d say Xbox.


My 6 year old has a switch and my husband’s old Xbox is in our living as a family console. He uses them interchangeably, but definitely uses the Switch more.

We have a Nintendo switch lite. No internet, parental controls and he only plays the games i buy for him. He loves it!


My guy had a ps4 (would be 5 now) and I loved it. I would totally get a PS console for my children if I could afford it.
I think Switches are cute but Idk how it would be if he wanted to play with friends, etc. I don’t know much about them.

Probably the switch if he doesnt have much experience.


We were gonna get a ps5 for our 8.5 almost 7 & newly 6 (mainly for our 8yr old) but they are so expensive. We ended up with an Xbox box series s because it’s all digital & don’t have to deal with games laying around every where

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Our 7 year old prefers the switch over everything. We have a switch an Xbox and a ps5. The switch gets used daily. But we like to play Mario kart as a family :heart:


I ended up getting old xbox 360 consoles.
They’re not online.
I can still find games and accessories relatively inexpensive. Plus they can play minecraft.

We use the Nintendo switch daily. Mario kart & super smash bros are our family games.

We started with a nintendo switch then my husband bought himself a Playstation 4. The switch I would say is more kid friendly but my 6 year old likes both

My first game console was a Nintendo DS back when they came out, I’d think a Nintendo switch would be appropriate for a 7 yo

A switch is a great option, you can get a lot of Mario games and games with easier controls. You can buy better controllers that’ll be easier for a child and set it up so it’s on the TV or just on the handheld. I would go with the actual switch, not the switch lite, and buy a screen protector when you get it (treat it like a phone). If you go with a console, a ps4 might be better just because the controller is smaller than the xbox and you can get a lot of games for it. But I think the switch would have more games a child would be interested in if they weren’t brought up in a gaming house lol my son was really into FPS by then but that’s because he was introduced to games from the get go.

We have a few different systems and for our 4½yr old the switch has been awesome. We have super simple games to help her get started

I agree with above comments…my son is 7 and he loves the Nintendo switch and they are pretty durable too. He’s dropped ours on accident many of times and it has never broken.

Switch is excellent, my 3 and 6 year old love it! My 9 year old is all about the Xbox.
Don’t listen to others telling you not to do it, this is your child and your life and there’s no harm in some game time. The controllers have worked wonders for my youngest child’s motor skills and the apps we get on iPads are really good for education while being fun at the same time.
Definitely recommend a switch for the games but a tablet for educational apps (and a tablet can be setup to restrict any adult/offensive/upsetting material from being accessed with the parental controls)
Good luck!

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My 7 yr old has a switch. But we also have a Wii. But the switch was specifically bought for him and both my kids (7 & 5) love it!

Nintendo switch for sure. My girls (12 and 10) have had theirs for about 2 years and still in great condition and played daily.

We have Playstations for all of them. My daughter loves her Nintendo switch though. They also have Nintendo 3DSs too.

The switch lite is very child resistant also! My child has been so rough on his and I keep having to put screen protectors on, but they 100% have saved his screen every time. The good glass screen protectors.

Nintendo switch would be good for a 7 year old. You can play it at home and connect it to the TV and you can also play it on the go.

Nintendo switch, I would buy Fortnite and Minecraft

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My 6&2 year old play the switch and they love it! :heart: it’s great for the whole family too.

Nintendo Switch…just the handheld version.

Switch! My 7 year old loves the switch. We love Mario kart and Minecraft on it because we can both play together.

How much is the Nintendo switch?

Nintendo switch regular console , not the lite version. The regular switch console is more interactive and funner for young kids

A Nintendo wii would be good to keep them active. My son is 5 and likes to play my Xbox one. I have a Kinect too and he’s played just dance on it a few times.

Nintendo Switch Lite!

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I love the play outside comments :rofl: like gaming doesn’t have any benefits? My kids are very lucky to have both worlds. Farm living + gaming family.

My daughter is 8 and has a switch she loves it. We play animal crossing and Mario kart together lol

7 & 4 year love the switch

I’d say a Nintendo Switch. It’s what my son has. And he can take it everywhere with you guys.

Nintendo switch for that age

My kids have both but mainly outside unless it’s raining or too cold. We also do movie night

Nintendo Switch 100%

I would go with a switch.

I started my kids with games on an old phone with wifi. Way cheaper than buying a switch/Xbox/PSP

I bought my 6 year old a Nintendo switch and he loves it.

We literally have every system my son loves his ps4 and oculas.

Depends on the type of games he wants to play. We are a PC/Playstation family. I recommend playstation.

If you buy an Xbox one for about $100 there’s enough free games for you not to have to buy any

Old school ps2 or ps3

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Nintendo Switch.
My 7 year old loves it and they play games like Mario, Minecraft, Pokémon, Links Awakening/Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. They even have some games from the original Super Nintendo that you can download and play.

Wii because they have a lot of different things they can do and a switch is bound to get destroyed. I won’t even get my soon to be 11 year old a switch yet :sweat_smile:

A stick and some space to run around in.

Switch has the most young kid friendly games.

We have xbox and a switch.

Don’t Do it/get him signed up to the boys & girls club there’s some kind of activity once you get them glued to the game that’s all they want to do!!

Switch is my kids favorite still…
I however like my oculus!!!

Switch, I don’t have a kid old enough to play yet but super kid friendly. We love ours lol

Judy Coffey Nealy good decision for chirstmas everybody here is saying the switches are the best option for her age

I think the switch and it has some cool games you can all play

So, kid probably has friends or family with gaming systems. Have you asked what they want and why?

Switch! Or of your looking for something less expensive the Wii. :slight_smile:

Nintendo Switch has so much age appropriate games. :hugs:

Hand that kid some more books and sit and read with him

Switch is a good start. Or any nintendo game system.

Depends on which games you allow your child to play. Nintendo has more kids friendly games as well as Xbox. Playstation has more adult or teenager type of games with more language, nudity & violence.

A 7 year old I would get a Nintendo Switch. They can connect it to there TV or take it with them on the go.

We have all game systems but gkids 5 8 11 love switch xbox1

Nintendo switch if your child can handle something without breaking it… they have the most kid friendly games imo.

For young kids I’d say Nintendo is best, you have alot of Mario games which are kid friendly

Switch would be good

Start with the Nintendo DS xxl see how he does with that and then maybe start with a switch

Nintendo switch!

You can play on the screen of the device or link it to the tv. You don’t need to buy a controler if you use the tv. The sides of the switch comes off the device and become the controler.

Lots of appropriate games offline and online. Make sure to set up a parental account for supervision.

Outside the best gaming ever or legos

The outdoors… :eyes::+1:t2: just saying

A ball and bat- a bicycle- puzzles- books- tree fort- 7 your Olds DOOO NOT NEED GAMING SYSTEMS


My six year old has a switch :slight_smile: hes aces with technology and limits himself well.

Whatever he asks you for. He probably knows what he wants

We have an x box , PS 2, 3 , 4 &5 the only thing never played is the Xbox .

GameCube! Start them fresh hahaha

We have had a lot of gaming systems for our boys but currently my oldest who is 20 loves Nintendo Switch and my youngest 17 has an Xbox one.

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Xbox, tablet, Nintendo switch

Switch. Theres a lot of good kid friendly game options, its small and easy to use, portable for car rides, and good parental controls.

Nintendo is always the way to go for beginners, my opinion at least

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going outside to play

I really love the switch. My 6 year old loves it

When I was 7 years old my gaming system was a stick and unlimited bullets for said stick.

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Nintendo Switch!! :heart:

Nintendo switch would be the easiest for him at his age

The amount of parents getting their young children hooked on video games these days instead of making them get outside and play, is very alarming.

We are a gaming family. My 7 year old prefers the PlayStation over the switch.

Outside :joy: but I would also suggest a Switch

Nintendo switch. My son is 7 and he loves his. A huge range of kid appropriate games such as Mario, pokemon, and sooo much more. Make sure you get a screen protector and they also have cases for the switch that can handle being dropped if and accident happen.

A switch would be good for his age

Defiantly a switch, I’m going to post a link for a contest I’m in and would really love to win for my two boys but it’s all about votes so if you mamas could help me out I would appreciate it thanks so much!!!

Nintendo is more kid friendly.

Nintendo switch! Both my 9 year old and 6 year old love it!

I would say a Nintendo Switch