Best gifts for child loss?

My sister just lost her 1 week old baby…she passed in her sleep…I am wanting to gift her something as a reminder of her baby…what is something thoughtful I can give her?


So sorry for your families loss!! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

A journal to write her thoughts, a personalised bauble for the Christmas tree with feather inside or babies name or rainbow ,a lantern with babies details on it! Food hamper so she doesn’t have to think about cooking etc she can eat when she is hungry!

I’m so sorry for your loss. Make a remembrance book. Find any photos of her while she was pregnant and after the baby was born. Put it together and add a couple quotes to and poem.

Memory loss jewelry, Molly bear, stuffed animal to hug,self care box,food, candle.

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Scentsy has a really pretty angel wing warmer. I have one sitting next to a picture of my son I lost. When it’s on it casts light onto his picture.

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Unpopular opinion - I would wait, let her grieve a little bit, maybe see if you can help with a memorial service of some sort

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Was she nursing? You could get her a piece of jewelry with breast milk

I made a shadowbox with my daughters crib card, hospital bracelets, her coming home outfit, cord clamp, hospital hat and her feet prints at birth. It came out really beautiful.

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a customized pillow with the baby’s picture so she can cuddle with