Best gym leggings?

Any fit/gym moms have recommendations for gym leggings? I like the butt lifting style but cant seem to find any that stay in place when working out. I have a mom tummy to hide too so high waisted is a must.


Tried Fabletics like them. Really love Lorna Jane too -quite pricey but awesome!

Lululemon are my absolute favorite

Truthfully the old navy, high waisted ones are the best for me.

Gaidama has some of the best leggings, fabletics powerhold are also great. Both will hold up to intense training.

I love fabletics. Pop fit is good too but not as thick.

My best ones have been my gym shark I am boarderline plus size and have an apron belly and those seem to stay in place and no roll or slide I’ve tried Walmart, old navy, fabletics, and other influencers and my fav are my gym shark.

Definitely lululemon align high rise leggings

Ptula. They’re very comparable to Lululemon. I love their quality.

I like TGP leggings. I get them on Amazon.

Shape Shift with Shanty had a post recommending some.

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Suuksess scrunch butt leggings on Amazon are flattering, thick and inexpensive.

Lululemon or Zyia. You get what you pay for with them.

Evom Nation Fitwear does the best leggings, squat proof, no rolling down etc
ive been buying since 2019
shun10 for a discount