Best hair dye for kids?

My girls want their hair dyed fun colors, which fine school is almost out and it’s just hair but… I need to find some semi permanent hair dye that is decent. Anyone use anything you can recommend??

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I used kool-aid on my daughter when she was young. Worked great and lasted longer then dye.

My girls have used artic fox and we also used the unicorn one can’t remember the exact name has a pink box. I recently used strawberry leopard on myself and was very happy with it also

There’s a color wax you can get on Amazon that washes out and dosnt damage their hair.

I use Unicorn Hair dye. Really nice colors and a good price on Amazon.

You can also get hair chalk (or just use regular chalk) for something that will wash out right away.

Manic panic and artic fox are really good dyes that last about 6 weeks. It washes out over time. Just be a bit weary with the black lol.