Best hands free pump

I ebf my almost 9 month old but I want to start pumping more. I have a manual pump that ive been using, but looking into a hands free pump. I can get about 1 1/2 oz in less than 10 mins with my manual, will I get more with an electric one? I feel like I should bc I only dont pump for long bc it gets tiring using the manual lol and Id be able to go longer with an electric one. Just wanting some reassurance so I dont waste money. I was looking into the momcozy s12 pro bc its on sale from $160 to $109

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I used Tsrete when I pumped and loved it. Always got more output with that then a manual pump

I’ve been wondering too, so I’m glad this was asked. I have the spectrum S1 but I definitely want hands-free for when I’m out in public.