Best heating pad for pregnancy?

Does anyone have recommendations for a pregnancy heating pad? At home I can lay down and I feel a little comfort but sitting at an office all day the pain is really starting to take over. I’m currently 18w4 days for reference.


A heated blankey is WAY better than a pad. Lay it down and sit on it and it’s so soothing for your back and body

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lol cuddle with a dog. they’re amazingly warm

I use an electric blanket.

Not a heating pad but maybe switch out the office chair for a yoga ball. Bouncing and rolling your hips will help with the pain. Also pregnancy belly tape is supposed to help to but I’ve personally never tried it.

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I’m not exactly sure your suppose to use one :face_with_peeking_eye:I used a rice bag and took epson salt baths which helped a lot

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