Best homeschooling curriculum online?

Hi, do any mamas have suggestions for home school curriculum/ programs that are not online? Free or cheap thank you :smiling_face:


We do the good and the beautiful

Masterbooks and The good and the beautiful.

I just printed off the kindergarten curriculum for my daughter from the good and the beautiful and we’re really excited to get started on it. It’s free if you want to print it you can purchase it and they’ll have all the books and everything printed and sent to you of course but I have plenty of ink and a decent printer and tons of printer paper that I never use, so I just did it myself.

Miacademy or power homeschool

The Good and The Beautiful has free downloads for Math and Language Arts and once downloaded you can print and it’s a full 180 day curriculum

Saxon math. Order. From Norman oklahoma

You can get reading, math, and language arts through easy peasy homeschool. 6 books. 3 workbooks and 3 parents guides for around 50$

We use easy peasy it’s completely free online and we also use Discovery K12 it’s a great program as well and completely free unless you want to sign up for a parent account

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