Best juice boxes for kids?

Hey ladies question. What’s some good juice boxes for kids that don’t have a lot of sugar in them?


Capri sun makes a flavored water option that my kids love

We do honest kids and hint of water. Or I buy the mio type drops and just look for no sugar

All juice boxes will have a lot of sugar. My daughter drinks propel flavored water. Or sometimes sugar free Gatorade

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Apple & Eve Organics 100% Juice

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We get the capris sun with no sugar added.

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Try Hint water
They have boxes. No sweetner.


Apple & Eve sesame street


Water. They dont need juice. .all juice has sugar.

Or buy a juicer and make your own so its atleast natural sugars only


My son drinks the honest kids juice… Whole it does have sugar it’s no added sugar since they’re organic so less than most brands have… Or the zero sugar Gatorade

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I would go for no added sugar and stay away from man made sweetners.

Kool aid water or sugar free Kool aid it’s more expensive

Honest kids has less sugar but my son won’t drink them… it’s minute maid or nothing…

Why give kids juice? It’s basically concentrated sugar which rots their teeth among other things. Give them fresh fruit to eat and water to drink. Of course they prefer juice but it should be a treat drink only. Start the way you mean to go on. Who’s the adult here ?