Best laundry detergent?

Does anyone else LOVE doing laundry? I know this may sounds weird but i love the smell of clean clothes lol. But sometimes I feel like they should smell better…what is your favorite laundry detergent and how do you make yoru laundry smell so good?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best laundry detergent?

Gain.The detergent crystals fabric softener and dryer sheets

Tide and downy scent boosters.

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Tide beats them all!!!


I love laundry. I even love ironing :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I use tide sport, snuggle super fresh softner & oxiclean. I also keep my washing machine clean.

Home made washing powder (I buy it) and laundry crystals. I’m obsessed with clean fresh smelling laundry to.

I love the new Arm & Hammer Baby laundry soap! :heart_eyes:

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Gain detergent & Downy liquid fabric softener.

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Gain moonlight breeze hands down.


Arm and hammer with oxy clean


Persil, I’ve never had a detergent clean as well as this does and it smells very good.


I’ve gone back to using powder. Smells so much stronger than liquid or tablets and you get more for your money.

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I tried Black&Gold laundry powder at one stage, and it had a slightly lemony scent, which I thought was nice… amazingly, it actually made the clothes FEEL clean, and in combination with Downy fabric softener (I like the red bottle), they smelled wonderful as well!

I love love love Gain! They also have the scent pebbles & dryer sheets and scented trash bags.

Tide Oxyclean gets down to the fibers

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I buy from my sister on scentsy. the soap line is so amazing and it lasts for a whole month and the smell does not fad for weeks after washing plus it’s environmental safety and you can drink it should you want too!! I don’t advocate for that. But just pointing out it’s safe for the water system and our bodies.

Downs stoppable in lavender. Persil is the best detergent on the markets. It gets whites clean. Pricey but good

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Arm and hammer with oxyclean and I always use baking soda and white vinegar too and arm and hammer fabric softener soda and vinegar gets rid of musky smell from wet towels and works great on body odor for my guys work clothes too.


me! I have tried so many but always come back to ‘all’ - it is THE best!

I will never turn back from Scentsy
I love the washer whiffs the best
Nothing smells better

Gain pods and downy cool mist beads

I love Gain original scent. I use the detergent and dryer sheets.

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So, a few years ago, my husband got a serious chemical burn from Gain laundry soap. So, I just want to let all y’all know that most laundry detergents are really toxic. That is why rinsing them is so important. That being said. There are an increasing number of companies that are coming out with toxic free detergents.

If you haven’t heard of or tried MELAEUCA products, you should. They have al full array of cleaning products, health & wellness products, and hygiene & cosmetics also.

So, as for regular store products. I used to wash for an incontinent. I typically used Tide, but for some reason, they often didn’t have a fresh clean scent, as if they soured in the washer too long. I would have to wash 2/3 times to get them clean. Then I swapped to Gain, and I LOVED it for a while. I still had to wash them at least twice. One day I was given some
Persil. And
Holy smokes!!! The urine smell was GONE in 1 load. I used 1 Pod. I washed my husbands sometimes grimy mechanic work clothes.and 1 time and they looked and smelled clean. It is a little pricy, but considering I was using 1/4 of the soap compared,it definitely made up for the cost difference.

Now, if I can just get my daughter to use measure or just use a pod, I would be happy! :disguised_face:


Tide with Oxi. I’m addicted to it! :ok_hand:

I love Tide. It makes my whole house smell like clean laundry when everything is in the dryer each day. Our clothes smell fresh until we wear them again, and with five kids, it’s always been my go to for getting their clothes clean.

I use a cap of vinegar, laundry crystals and soap they always come out smelling so Good

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Ok I love most of those but for something really special, I got tide free and I mix 1 cap full of tyler glamorous in diva it smells luxurious.

Use to love Tide. Then they removed the wonderful product that was in it. My husband was in a hospital for surgery and a nurse who came in when they were changing his clothes and remarked that even though he was taking the worn clothes off they smelled still very nice. I contacted Proctor & Gamble about this. Asked why the detergent doesn’t smell the same anymore and they never answered me. I think what they have done is they now sell it separately and you dump it in the washer before you put the items to wash in. Now it is a money maker for them. Don’t buy Tide anymore.

I just use original Tide. Or the cheaper yellow Tide bottles, (2 different scents.) I like all 3. I find the scent beads are too overpowering for me.

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I use these little fabric softener cuddley pouches :heart_eyes: they’re cheap and my clothes always smell so good

I am very picky when I do laundry. Certain soaps belong with certain fabric softener. Tide and downy go together nicely. Arm and hammer regular with snuggle. Free and clear laundry soap with any softener and your clothes will smell of that softener. Bounce dryer sheets with febreeze amazing.


Melaleuka laundry soap and spot cleaner… mountain fresh… actually clean… means smells good…

Sweet Grace laundry detergent by Brigewater candle company. It’s wildly expensive but your clothes will smell heavenly.

I use percil, I add scent beads, laundry booster and the stain remover powder.

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Tide sport is the best


Suavitel fabric softener in the yellow bottle is amazing! Get compliments all the time

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Tide, swirl blue dawn dish soap , liquid downy !

Gain original detergent, gain fabric softener in original scent, and the gain boost beads. Smells amazing :clap:

Arm and Hammer (lavender) and we also use those beads (can’t remember what they are called) And then we obvi use bounce sheets for the dryer.

I switched my family to Ecosense laundry detergent and use the matching dryer sheets from my online health and wellness company. The smell is fantastic and the clothes are cleaner and brighter than when I used the store brand.

How do get makeup stains out, is it possible? I also need laundry help😆I ruined some towels by accident.

Scentsy ! Best Scent Boosted Liquid Laundry Detergent & Laundry Care | Scentsy Laundry Liquid

I clean houses, so I get to smell different combinations when making beds. This is my favorite combo!!!

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I do too.:blush:. Everyone compliments how good my clothes smell and they ask what I use. Tide sport and Gain fabric softener are my favorites. Gain dryer sheets also. I also love the smell of freshly bleached white clothes.:blush:

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Tide sport smells nice

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I like using All free and clear…and then adding scent boosters when necessary.

Any tide or arm and hammer smells so good and I always use lavender softener and sheets or bounce sheets

Tide or ALL. with bounce dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are key lol downy ones are good too the april fresh ones.

Bridgewater company
Sweet Grace

Or Tyler company
Katrina scent

no scents for me. just because it smells good doesn’t mean it’s clean.
I use norwex and it’s great

Ok I use tide 4in1 pods the purple unstoppables blue sparkle fabric softener and dryer sheets

Method Mango Ginger
I also use unstoppables

I’m currently full time living in a RV so space is an issue. I found these and am loving them. I’m usually sensitive to scents and this seemed over powering at first but it smells good and works amazingly with 2 dirt loving kids

I use Tide, downy unstoppables, and clorox sanitizing liquid. Smells good lolol

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If you have a Costco, I love the Kirkland brand laundry soap in the red container. By far, my favorite.

I use Gain with aroma boost with a small capful of Glamourous wash added to each load. Clorox when needed and scent beads if I’m feeling extra scenty :rofl:

Always Tide Hygienic 10x heavy duty
And any scent beads I pick up that smell good. I like the Downy ones.

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Because of allergies of my kids we can only use All free and clear

Tide fades clothing. We use gain with a splash of Tyler laundry for an extra scent booster

Tide+ Febreeze active!

I use tide pods for detergent, and then a mixture I make as an additive. It’s zote flakes (1/2 box), purex 2 powder (whole box), scent boosters (I really love the downy light Shea butter), big container and half a box washing soda. I mix it all up and use half a cup per load.

Zum brand laundry soap is the best I’ve found !!! OMG it smells amazing and they have dryer balls that are scented and room sprays that all go with the soaps . :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Don’t mix the scents! Same scent laundry detergent, same scent fabric softener, same scent fabric sheets!

Tide original with Downy fabric softener (I swap the smells) and Bounce dryer sheets.

I’ve been at my moms the last couple weeks and she buys Gain and downy. But I feel like mine smells better.

I also mop with laundry soap :joy:

Gain has always been my favorite detergent, but my husband is allergic, so we use Tide and then the scent booster beads. Adding dryer sheets to your drawers and closets helps keep everything smelling fresh.

Persil intense fresh scent, I like all the persil scents but that’s my favorite

My sister uses powder purex and blue or yellow suavitel and her clothes smell absolutely amazing :drooling_face:

Gain everything… gain detergent, gain scent beads, gain liquid fabric softener & then gain dryer sheets


Tide or persil, whichever is available at the store when I shop. If clothes need fabric softener I use the downy calm (lavender and vanilla) or downy calm dryer sheets

Gain and bounce fabric sheets

I use the gain fireworks scent beads, gain moonlight breeze soap and then I use the cheap fabric sheets ( forgot their name but it’s a yellow box at Walmart lol )

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If you use scent beads, put them at the bottom of your wash and clothes on top. I recently made that change and noticed a huge difference.

I use downy light white lavendar and moonlight breeze gain pods, sometimes i use liquid fabric softener (moonlight breeze) if i’m not lazy… i get atleast 3-5 compliments weekly from strangers on how I smell lol

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Eco Living Club laundry detergent strips. No waste, environmentally friendly.

I can only use tide everything else gives me allergic reaction. I been using all my life my parents did as well. My skin is very sensitive :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gain laundry detergent, snuggle fabric softener (the pink and blue bottle) and snuggle dryer sheets.

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I put the beads in my laundry and like 3 times the amount it calls for. Then use snuggle fabric softer and bounce dryer sheets

I use the laundry beads and flings from gain

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Persil! Hands down the best! My son pees the bed and this is the only laundry detergent that gets out the smell.

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wool mix smells great …

The yellow bottle of tide with snuggle fabric softener and dryer sheets. I even add the tide beads as a scent booster. My clothes will smell straight out of the dryer for DAYS.

Liquid fabric softener seems to stain clothes and a lot of clothes now says “no fabric softener “ ?

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I use tide pods and Purex Naturals

I’m allergic to both Tide and Gain, the only thing I’ve been able to use is Arm and Hammer detergent and Downy, I also use the Downy clothes always smell clean and fresh

Persil and 3 caps unstoppable beads a load.

The laundry liquids are way better smelling than laundry powder. Surf ones are good and reasonably priced. But my fave laundry powder/liquid is Persil! Smells soooo good! And fabric softener helps clothes smell even nicer. And BTW that’s not weird. I loooooove smelling my clean clothes!!

Don’t know if you use Downy or not but we get the Honey Lavender scent. Unbelievable scent. You would love it.