Best laundry soap routine?

Ok . To anybody reading this . What was the best laundry soap routine that you found and worked best for you . Im trying to get that clean long lasting laundry scent.


I can’t use Gain or Tide, so I use Arm and Hammer fresh scent and Downy cool cotton and grease lighting for stains.

I use Gain and their dryer sheets

I use tide and oxyclean when I need it plus bounce free . People always say my laundry smells good

I use gain products, if the clothes stink, I put a little bit of white vinegar in the load

The best laundry soap ive ever used. It’s derived from plant materials and smells amazing. Works wonders for my kids skin too as they both had eczema

Tide and downy unstoppable scent beads. I have clothes in my drawer washed months ago that still smell fresh out of the laundry.

We use gain & the dryer sheets but I rotate scents cause we get use to them.

If I want the smell to linger I use Scent Boosters in the wash like Unstoppables. And I like line drying it outside for a super-fresh smell.