Best moisturizer for dry skin?

My three-year-old has really dry skin (the air is very dry where we live). He also unfortunately has pretty sensitive skin. Any recommendation for a lotion or a moisturizer or balm or whatever that would help alleviate some itchy/flakiness but not be too harsh? We have a doctor’s appointment next week (unrelated) and I might ask, but was wondering if maybe there was just something we could buy now to start helping. Prefer natural/organic products, but other suggestions are ok too. #Products


Burts bees baby lotion, aveeno baby eczema care cream (not so natural)

Coconut oil is fantastic I had two children with Excema very sensitive skin and they hated everything until we tried coconut oil. They actually love making bath bombs with essential oils they pick out. The coconut oil in the bath really seems to soothe and moisturize better than anything.

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Unscented dove for soap. Galaxal base for cream. Recommended by the dermatologist for my sons sensitive dry skin.

Galaxal base is a sterile cream, and it works wonders.

Daughters dermatologist recomended this. Works great!

Also allergy medicine, antihistamines helps stop the itchiness.

Glaxal base, my daughter gets so dry she cracks and bleeds but this stuff works wonders

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Your doc is going to tell you to use a humidifier, that’s the first step

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Aveeno Baby is what I suggest.

Try African Black soap - works great with our family skin issues. You can buy it on amazon, Walmart, Target, Dollar General.

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Lots of good suggestions, especially humidifiers, also make sure the kiddo is drinking lots of water too. Good luck mama

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Coconut oil or Vaseline right out of the bath while still damp

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Anything related with tea tree oil my baby just fully recovered

Aveeno makes good lotions. Baby and adult but make sure it is unscented because otherwise that can further the dryness of the skin. I believe aveeno does make natural/organic but I am not 100%

I have wicked sensitive skin and super dry skin as well. I’ve been to doctors and dermatologists and have tried so much stuff. What I’ve found after all that that works best, is lubriderm advanced therapy. The maroon colored one. It’s the best I’ve found and my kids have some of the same issues I do and it works for them as well

If you need more info send me a pm I can give you all the info company is in us

I make my own lotion with vitamin e, Avacado oil, and tea tree and eucalyptus as the primary ingredients.

Aquafor and the vaseline lotion. Eucerin lotion works too. My son has it bad here in Alaska.

Seba med baby Lotion! Worked wonders on my son with eczema

Daddy butter… I keep hearing about it and I hear it’s the best of them all… I need to purchase it for myself and my baby girl

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Dove sensitive body wash or dove baby. Aquaphor for really bad dry spots and hydrocortisone cream for redness and itchiness. Aveeno Eczema cream and balm for dryness. My son had really bad eczema as a younger child but it’s all cleared now that he’s almost 8. Good luck to you.

Cerave Baby or gegular or Cerave Cream

Eucerine, my granddaughter has a skin disease that causes her to always be real dry and ruff. Her skin Dr told her Vaseline, and Eucerine lotion. It’s a little more expensive then other lotion but it’s good stuff. Works wonders on her. Hers is pretty bad!

Aquaphor is really good stuff.

Aveeno baby or dove sensitive

Just be careful, because most lotions/moisturizers have alcohol in them which will actually dry skin out

MooGoo Skin Care

My pediatrician and friend recommended Dove sensitive for babys and it works WONDERS on my daughters eczema that’s really bad.

Noodle and boo has a great baby lotion, it’s seriously the best and don’t be deterred by the price. A bottle will last months or even a year!!

My son has horribly sensitive skin and he has dry skin too. We use Eucerin Eczema lotion as needed throughout the day and Aquaphor the crap out of him right before bed.

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Eucerine. Also because I live in Maine and winters can be long so we have a thermometer that tell inside and outside humidity and we run a humidifier. Of coarse those are more expensive options if lotions dont work.

So many suggestions aren’t organic/natural. Beautycounter has a great kids line, we love it because how clean the ingredients are

Try sunflower oil on his skin. It’s FILLED with Vitamin E which is the skins milk :slight_smile: it’s fairly inexpensive as well

Unscented Everyone lotion is great for sensitive skin


Mink oil . It soaks in leaves no odor and heals many skin problems due to dryness. I used it on baby bottoms for years raising children

I suffer from very dry flaky skin. I use Diprobase You can buy Asda . It is very good.

Aveeno lotion is GREAT! It’s what the dr recommend for my granddaughter. She had very dry skin and very dry patches on her skin. There’s also aveeno wash.

My daughter has eczema and so we try to only bathe her twice a week and we lather her in coconut oil at least 5 times a day (typically during a diaper change)


I always put vitamin E oil in bath water and use aquaphor after bath. My son has eczema

Aveeno cream is very good

Aquaphor! It’s gonna feel gross but that stuff is magical. My daughter licks her lips and her face gets really chapped in the winter, a day or so if aquaphor and it’s completely healed. It works for diaper rash, eczema, dry skin…everything!

Humidifier for their room at night could also help a lot.

Something organic for sure! My daughter reacts to basically anything thats not plant based and fragrance free that touches her so i actually have basically a massage oil i made for her. I used pure essential oils and sweet almond oil. I rub her down at every diaper change.

My kids and I use Josie Maran body butter, face butter, etc.

My kids are dry and sensitive. This works great for all three of them.

My daughter is 1 and has eczema, shes very sensitive and this is what we use on her, she only takes a bath every other day so it wont dry out her skin too much


People here have mentioned coconut oil. The stuff you cook with. Use water to wash with but hotwater dries the skin. No soap. None at all. Don’t need it to clean. No bubble bath liquids

Aveeno baby for eczema my daughter has sensitive skin and we have never had an issue using this

Norwex body balm! I use it on both my kiddos

I like Vanicream. No fragerence, dyes or other nasty stuff. Has worked for me.

Skin Relief! If you DM me your address I’ll send a sample. My son has had skin issues since these day he was born. Skin relief is a natural remedy.

I use coconut oil palmers makes a coconut oil lotion it works really good. But regular oil works wonders.

Vanicream you can get at Walmart target or Walgreens what dermatologist recommended and it works