Best moisturizing lotion?

Where I live our water comes from a well and it has been so hard on my 6 month olds skin! His poor baby skin desperately needs moisture back in it! I’ve tried Aveeno and baby oil neither helped. It’s driest where his diaper is, I’ve talked to his doctor and he says theirs nothing I can do… any suggestions on what I can use? Please help!


Aquaphor helped mine. Lather them head to toe after their bath and put their PJ’s on. They will be greasy but by morning it’s all soaked in. We haven’t had any patches in almost 2 years now

oats and milk and honey warm baths are good

Coconut oil t every diaper change. My LO has atopic dermatitis and i made a massage oil with essential oils to help suppoet it vut we use it every diaper change and it made a HUGE difference

Tubby Todd has stuff that works wonders on baby skin

My pediatrician told me to add some Vaseline in with her lotion to get the moisture back

When you give him a bath, add a bit of white vinegar. It helps soften the water.

Eucrine lotion worked wonders on my son!

Is the water hard? Maybe you could add in some water softener.

Well I would hope you have a water softener, but if not that would make a world of difference!

Do you have a water softener? It helps

Are you sure your water conditioner and filter are working properly? I’d start there, it should be that harsh no matter how much iron is in it.

Baby oil or coconut oil or coconut milk in the bath…

look into getting a water softner system!!

Aquaphor Baby Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion
Johnson’s Natural Nourishing Baby Lotion
Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Lotion
Cetaphil Fragrance Free Moisturizing Lotion

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Coconut oil has done wonders for my kids from cradle cap to dry skin and just as a normal lotion. I’ve used it in the past for healing tattoos and such.

My dr had me giving my son oatmeal baths once or twice a week. And baths only every other to every third day if feasible lol we all know how dirty little ones can get :blush:

Boil the water and just give him a bath in the sink

Now why that doctor could not have said this --???

Use coconut oil and wipe him down with a baby wipe. Try only bathing him 3 times a week. Too many baths can dry out baby skin.

Aquaphor is amazing! Dye free and scent free water based. Love it. My son has eczema and this clears up his breakouts really well

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Add a little liquid fabric softener to bath water

Get a water purifier shower head. :heart:


We grew up with well water and my mom always used Nivea cream on children. Also less baths tends to help a lot. My doc even says only a couple of baths needed a week

Get a filter for your shower/tub. We have well water also I had to get one and it works wonders

Baby dove and aquaphor lotion.

Baby dove or Shea moisture it’s a line for babies and it’s great but only for a few months I noticed after a few months it dries my baby’s hair out

Eucerin my daughter had the driest skin when she was a little baby and this was the only thing that worked. It’s so greasy but it works!

Try to bath him every 2-3 days and try baby oil in the water and then after try using aquaphor or use aveno oatmeal bath every 2-3 days if possible to go that long without it

Oatmeal baths and hydrocortisone! Only thing that works for my babies

Bag balm! You can find it at cvs! You can thank me later! It’s literally the BEST!!!

Buy a water softener…

i delt with well water for a little while to didnt give bath all the time. and of course bought the baby water for formula and sometimes used otherwise.

So just saying make sure you get wee one flouride when he gets his teeth or they will rot. Unfortunately no one told me that :expressionless:

I used coconut oil on all my kiddos…

We have hard water where I am…

And well water at 1 place

I got a whole home water purification system… but it’s super expensive. You might try a water purifier for your shower head, as someone else suggested.

Eucerin skin creme was recommended by my daughter’s pediatrician when she had ecema…

Idk how often you bathe your LO but at that age mine got a bath about once or twice a week. Too many baths can dry out the skin. Watch what soaps you use also.

I also have well water and it used to dry my son’s skin I would use the Walmart brand baby lotion which helped…

I use cocoa butter , shea butter and coconut oil. idk how to help with well water issue but my baby has eczema and sensitive skin so I use pure butters and oils for him.

Sounds like you need a new doctor.

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We have the exact same problem!!! Lots of baby oil then lotion. I also put different things in the water, oils and soaps.

I had the same problem. I got a culligan system installed. Definitely worth the money if you ask me!

I put Epsom salt in my grand babies bath water.

Try a water softner in your well pump theres filters you can put in your shower also that can help, we have well water and it can be very drying depending on the soil we have red clay soil that surrounds us so our showers have water softening filters. Using essential oils can be harmful to your baby, scented products will make it worse. Buy some plain oatmeal from the store and put 1 cup in a warm bath do this at least 2x a week, going to natrual food stores they could have some ideas or products that can help. Honey green tea bath would be more effective, or even a milk bath would be good, use non-dairy dry milk.

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Water softner can be expensive. Try only bathing him every other day.

Try boiling the water first, then cooling back off for baby. Coconut oil, Aquaphor, and Cetaphil baby lotion are my go-to’s right now.


I’d put a little baby oil in the bath- a couple drops.Don’t take much. But if you c an I’d try to buy enough water for his baths for a while, but there should be a oil that you put in the bath to help also.I’ve used baby oil in their baths.

I grew up on well water. Theres filters you can conect to the bath tub if not sink till LO out grows it and less baths will help too. Coconut oil organic, any eczema lotions would work too but thicker the lotion the better.

Before you even look for remedies. You can send in a water sample and get it tested. We have a similar issue, with a farm across the road we have high nitrogen in ours. Please test, you bathe in it, drink it, cook with it. Its important to have your well checked every few years. Good luck mama hope your LO feels better.

Coconut oil or vitamin c lotion or coco butter

There’s a filter you can put on the well to help with hard water.
Keep bathes short and unless they get dirty, every other day is fine.
I use Nivea Hydration bc we have spring water.
They make a Gold Bond lotion for extra dry skin. That helped when we had a well.


A pediatric dermatologist told me with my son not to bath him every night ( I know ) also when I do bath him put a few tablespoons of a very good grade olive oil into his bath water. It helped immensely.


Thats different…well water is much better than city for skin.

Well water’s best I thought? Aquaphor, seriously the toddlers I saw on TLC w/a dry skin/shedding skin (chronic since birth) use that & oatmeal baths/goats milk soap is best for eczema…more natural the better! Good luck!!!

Get a water filtration system it really makes a difference… We have well water and our house &well sit in an old river bed ours is really hard and the system makes a huge difference.

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Try cutting down on the number of baths a week. Or give him a sponge bath with a gallon of water from the store.

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Coconut oil and vaseline… It will coat gis skin with a protective layer so the water won’t damage it. To repair it use exfoliating scrub or a scrubber and moisturize the new skin.

I know you said aveno but there are different kinds. My little guy suffers with eczema and I give him oatmeal baths and I also use the aveno oatmeal bubble bath and cream. It seems de be helping a great deal for him. It’s worth a shot.

Maybe short baths in a baby tub with water from a filtered pitcher or get a filter for kitchen faucet and use it to fill baby bath tub. Mine have super sensitive skin and I’m on a budget so we use equate brand dove sensitive body wash and Walmart has equate brand of vaseline unscented that’s $1. I smother mine in lotion after baths and can rub actual vaseline in like lotion on the dry diaper area to help seal in more moisture until heals. I have had to do that a few times. Also unless necessary they get baths every other day due to dry skin and lotion every single morning and night. Hope this helps

If you breast feed pour some breast milk into his bath water. Just enough to make the water cloudy. Do this a couple of times and don’t use soap. Get baby out and pat him dry, don’t rub. Always helped my daughters skin.

Ask for a dermatologist

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Try baby dove. I have well water as well

Limit baths and Vaseline with cocoa butter is amazing!!

Get a water filtertration system and water softener.

Vaseline, if the skin is cracked anywhere there’s a polysporin infused body lotion you can buy now. My old manager her son had horrible skin issues and she would have to coat his poor lil body in polysporin and Vaseline. :disappointed:

Add plain Quakers oatmeal

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Aquaphor, Eucerin, Gold bond and the Burts Bees Lotion

Coconut oil lather him up every chance you get

Put coconut oil in bath water and use Cetaphil for body wash and cetaphil cream (not lotion) afterwards … my baby had severely dry skin and eczema, it worked wonders