Best nighttime diapers?

what is the best diapers for a toddler to wear to bed? my son wets the bed every night because he pees through this diaper and im over washing his sheets every day


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best nighttime diapers?

Huggies little movers

Huggies overnights or 2 pull-ups.

They make a plastic diaper cover you can put over any diaper also you can use the bed liners.

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Pampers 360°
My son did the same thing, peed so much over night. I got these and they hold so much more! Also helps with potty training

How old? Little kids huggies overnight or ninjamas for 3+

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Pampers 360 is what I use on my son. He rarely leaks through!

I used cloth nappies right up till he was 2 then switched to diapers for his age laugh if you want but i put a sanitary pad inside the diaper as well some nights especially in 2-3 years


Hoping this isn’t a recent change in them. My daughter started peeing through her diapers and that was the beginning of her Type 1 diagnosis.
Hoping you just have a heavy sleeper. :blue_heart:

T1 Signs:
Excessive thirst
Bedwetting/excessive urination
Sudden weight loss
Heavy breathing/panting

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The only ones that worked for my son were meijer brand over night

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Good nights are good.

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Good nights brand is excellent

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Try the next size up with the same diapers you currently use.
Layer the bed, mattress pad and sheet.

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It ain’t the diapers, make sure he’s warm at night…if he’s cold, he will pee more often…

Add Sposies to the diapers. Get the 2T-5T size, they had an adhesive to hold them in place. They are the only thing that made a difference for my son.

Rascals & Friends, if available where you’re from. Only ones my 2yo girl doesn’t leak out of. Then we use CUB pull ups during the day.

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Honest overnight diapers, my 12 year old son has special needs and these are the only ones that I have found that don’t leak when he sleeps.

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Pampers Overnights with a Sposie pad.

Good nights. And buy a mattress protector. It’s worth it

Waterproof mattress covers.

Size up if you can. I knew it was time to size up if there was leaking more than once or twice a week.

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Luvs, those suckers could hold a gallon!

May need to go up a size sometimes that’s the issue. if not try Huggies snug and dry and huggies movers if crawling walking etc my daughter has had the most success with them for staying dry and for staying in place when her son is up and moving around walking crawling etc. Pampers failed miserably for her in both departments when it came to her son.

Size up for nighttime, it helps. Also; get a plastic mattress protector. You can even layer it so it goes; protector, fitted sheet, protector, fitted sheet on the chance he wets the bed, then you already have another clean set and the wet set can just be thrown in the laundry until morning. :slight_smile:

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Don’t spend extra money on nighttime diapers. Use the ones you have and put maxi pads in them. That’s what I’ve always done for my kids when they went through that phase and it worked like a charm. Cheapest pads you can get.

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Point his penis up when you put it on him at night. Game changer.

If he’s peeing thru his pull up every night…he is having to much to drink to close to bed time. Limit his intake. I like walmart brand cheap and they work.

I just went up a size in Huggies thinking that would do it. But nope. Bought some luvs, I really thought they wouldn’t work because they are so thin. First night using them and she didn’t pee the bed

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Huggies night time. I’ve used them with all my kids. Luvs sucks

Try up a size but parents choice never leaked for me. Also try a bed mat.

Rascal and friends from Walmart are honestly my favourite diapers I will not change ever !

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Is he in the correct size? If they are too big/small, he may end up soaking through them. I would ensure that you’re putting him in the correct size

I used Huggies and never had an issue

Get a 4 pack of reusable bed mats online (like what they use in hospitals.) Size up once for night time and throw a mat under them as well. It has saved me such a headache with my littles

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They make booster pads for diapers. You just add it the the diaper

I Always used luvs 3 kids n never peed through

We use the good night pull ups

I’m not a believer in limiting fluids. It makes the urine stronger which can burn the skin and cause more problems. Plus…if a child is thirsty they dont sleep.
I used night time nappies which tend to have more padding( pampers at the time I found best ) and stuck some incontinence pads under them…puppy pads tend to be cheaper and do the same job .

Huggies little movers