Best non-hormonal birth control?

Can someone tell me which is the best birth control procedure. I don’t want to be on hormonal birth control. Please share your experience and their after effects


Copper iud. I love mine

Paragard copper IUD

My experience: Going in wasn’t too bad but there was pain. Cramping for a few days after insertion. Overall no side effects besides mild cramping during menstruation (which I didnt have before). I’ve had mine in for about 3 years now and it’s been effective so far.

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Paraguard has no hormones but it for me was the worst I’ve ever been on. Talk about really bad cramps and HEAVY flow. Gross


Copper iud it’s been going on 2 years don’t have a complaint about it

If you’re in a committed relationship and are sure you don’t want any more children, vasectomy.

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Condoms, no side effects, no pokes, no visits to anyone! And safest! Why do damage to your body when you both can get same results with condoms is what I told my husband. Can have sex all you want after 2 weeks for 2 weeks

I started with a copper IUD that protected me for 10 years, I just got a new one (also copper) no hormones and so far so good. Every body is different but overall it’s been good to me. Good luck and God bless!

Your only option is condoms, spermicide or a copper IUD (paragaurd). As far as those go, IUD isn’t too bad everyone is different but if you’re having problems with hormonal birth controls it will probably be good for you, only a Dr would know for sure but paragaurd is your best bet for not getting pregnant again

Paragaurd. it’s 100% non hormonal. It’s literally a piece of Copper. Side effects: somewhat irregular periods and minor cramping. copper kills sperm on contact

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I wish there was a forum like this when I was having kids! I have 4 children, that I wouldn’t change for anything. But, all but one I conceived on birth control! Hormone based birth control made me really emotional. Good luck to you with your search! I have heard good thing about Paraguard.

Marina I U D. inserted, I dont get my period anymore. I finding it fantastic, gets replaced after about 5 years

Paraguard. Non hormone IUD. Wont even get a period which i love.

I have had a Paraguard twice now and have had no problems. I can not take any hormone medicine so it has been the best for me. Your body may take a couple of months to get used to it, you may bleed on and off. Once my body got used to it my periods have always been normal.

Sorry to interrupt but Can i ask a question ?
I had the mirena iud in and it caused me EXCRUCIATING pain . I damn near passed out when he put it in. It was 4 weeks after I had my 2nd child . I had it for 2 weeks and had to have it removed . I couldnt walk , sit comfortably, or enjoy intercourse … I had to have it taken out . ended up pregnant less than a month later with my third . It was just a plastic one that I had is that the same thing as the copper iud ? God that is probably a stupid question but if they’re two different things then i may try the other one if it won’t make me contract and hurt non stop . im 4 months pp .

Mini pill has no estrogen.
Thats what I hv to be on due to my migraines.

I know paragaurd is non hormonal, but it made my periods more frequent and heavier. Try it and see if it works for you.

I had paragard for over 2yrs. Periods were heavier but managable. I stayed regular. Was pregnant within 6wks of removal when we were TTC. All other birth controls, especially mini pill made me moody, depressed, irritable. I’ve tried many BCs over a 20+yr time span. Paragard was the only one that had no negative side effects for me.

Hubby had a vasectomy while I was prego with our 5th so Im BC free now, thank goodness!

I got the copper iud and never had any issues with it.

I have the nexplanon and I’m a damn basket case. Someone could smile at me and I will cry. Give me a dirty look I’ll cry. Laugh I’ll cry. I want it out but my doctor isn’t available for 2 months due to Covid and them being so behind

Non hormonal non permanent is paragard copper iud.
Permanent options: tubal or esure

Paragard iud. I’ve had no complaints other than a heavier period, but I usually have no cramping with them like I used to. I’ve had mine since October 2017

Paragard. I love it. I choose it every time. Got it taken out to give birth and got another one put in as soon as I was good .

I have a mirena iud. I also didn’t want any hormonal BC. My doc said it only releases hormones in the area. Why don’t you want one?

I have Nexplanon and I love it, the last 7 years and it’s hormone free, and it goes in your arm you don’t have to fear it will come out

I’ve got the rod implant as I’ve had 4 in now and always worked for me

VCF… vaginal contraceptive film… comes in a gel too. Vaginal Contraceptive Films (VCF) - Teen Health Source

I had paraguard for years had no issues at all loved it.

Then one day I ended up in the ER with extreme pain lower abdominal. They didn’t figure out what the pain was just sent me home with drugs :roll_eyes: but noted on my CT scan my IUD wasn’t in the correct place it was lower than it should have been. So I went in to my doc to have it removed and replaced. Well she went to pull it out and it came out without the arm attached :woman_facepalming:t2: It was embedded had to have emergency surgery to have it removed :smirk: