Best online school for kids?

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Mom of little ones ages 5 to 6 has anyone ever used K12 the online schooling program ? if so what are the pros & cons ? If your child goes to an elementary school how’d you get over the fears of your child being alone for the first time ? or the worries of someone not treating your child right? all & any comments welcome 💁

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I did the high school k12 4 years ago and it SUCKED. I don’t know about the elementary school k12 tho. However my 4 year old is going to a public school next year and she always had separation anxiety from me but she is excited about learning and having friends.

I haven’t had a bad teacher yet, but I KNOW darn well that I don’t want to be responsible for how smart they are. School is a must for this Mama. Kindergarten is fun, the nervous face only lasts about 3 minutes, they will live I promise!

My older kids us the online program but my 6 year old I send to a traditional school for the social skills. Your baby will make friends dont worry.

We never used the program. I’m in Canada, so kids are in JK by 4 yrs old (3 if their bday is before the end of that year…I’m a nov baby, so I went when I was still 3 yrs old).
For school…you kinda just do it. You dont think k about yourself. The child will be fine. Mine both went to daycare/preschool, so they were use to us being gone for a portion of the day, and use to other kids and teachers. Just do your best at providing your little one with the tools they need to be the best them. We have had amazing teachers and a few not great ones. It happens. We just felt with it. We felt with bullies, and friendship fights. By 6, a child usually knows what’s going on and should be fine with going.

I did K12 for my daughter kindergarten year. Than we tried public school 1st grade. In she ask to stay in public school for this year. I like both settings for her. Try public school for the first two nine weeks. If you don’t like than after Christmas break homeschool. Just try to join all parents meetings and clubs to be active. Don’t volunteer too much the first few weeks of school. Believe it or not its us as parents that have the separation anxiety not the mis as much.