Best overnight diapers?

Wanting to try over night diapers, but my girl is allergic to Huggies and some pampers. What do you guys reccomend? I only want over night because she is potty trained for daytime! And daytime diapers I change like three times a night in fear of her leaking because she’s been peeing a ton!!


I use parents choice. My lo is also potty trained during the day. She does pee through occasionally but I find if I can get her to go before bed she doesn’t pee through the night. Good luck.

Cut down liquids 3 hours before bedtime make sure she goes before going to bed, start waking her up to potty before you go to bed, have her checked for diabetes frequent urination is a symptom, have her checked for a UTI, talk with her doctor about other possible causes. Put a potty chair next to her bed with enough light she can see it. She may be afraid to get out of bed to go potty, so reassure her that she has your permission to do so.

Maybe get those hospital pads to put under her and use a waterproof mattress cover, limit drinks before bedtime, and use adult incontinence pads if they absorb more.

What about adding sposies diaper liners to whatever diaper you were using before potty training. They work wonderfully with zero leaks.

How old is she, maybe she gets cold at night.