Best pacifer for baby with lip tie?

What is the best pacifier for baby with a lip tie? She is constantly spitting them out but you can tell she wants it


My son used dr brown pacis until his lip tie was fixed at 2 months old and then he didn’t want a paci

I didn’t know my daughter had a lip tie, her favorite binky was tommee tippee night time pacifier! She spit all the other ones out!

Daughter had a severe lip tie and she loved the avent pacifiers. We got the tie corrected around a year old. I broke mine as an adult on accident and it was the worst. Worth getting it corrected as an infant.

My daughter is now 9, has a lip tie they didn’t fix. Was told by a nurse she will fall on her face and split it, that never happened. We now have an orthodontist appointment today. I don’t know if the lip ite has caused a gap in her teeth or what will happen but now I have a very scared girl. Get it done earlier. I’d never heard of one nor knew it could be cut

Get your ties released. That’s going to help with a lot of issues

Get the lip tie fixed asap

The pacifiers aren’t that great. Just don’t give the baby one. I stopped the pacifiers after my second baby. Bad for incoming teeth.

Have the lip tie fixed. Nothing else will actually help.