Best paint to use for kids?

My daughter is a year old, and I’d love for her to finger paint on a little wood canvas, something that’s nontoxic but permanent. Acrylic is best on wood, but I’m worried about it staining her skin and it not being safe. Or should I just stick to the toxic free washable kids paint?


I made paint for my daughter at that age out of vanilla pudding and food coloring. I let it dry, and still have the painting (on canvas) 8 years later.


I second home made paint! So many edible recipes

use some gloves! or make her some good homemade paint so you don’t have to worry!

Crayola makes non toxic finger paint and once it’s done and dried you can take it outside and spray paint with a clear coat of clear spray paint

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This was acrylics. It all washes off. He even tasted it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Its what I paint with. Don’t think its unsafe so long as they don’t eat it

We just use acrylic paint and gloves

Make edible paint i made it for my son’s 1st bday party… Yrs ago

I just use crayola finger paint lol

Dollar store acrylic paint would be just fine. Would come off the skin fine. Just have to try and make sure she doesn’t eat it lol

Use baby rice cereal (the finely ground type)…water…and food safe food coloring. :slight_smile: makes a perfect baby paint.