Best parenting products?

Hey mommas! I’m a young first time mom who’s due in mid-August. I was wondering if any experienced moms could recommend products to me? We haven’t purchased anything major yet (finances have been tight but are about to get better, plus we haven’t found out the gender), so I am curious as to what other moms found to be “the best” for them and their families when it comes to pretty much everything (car seats, high chairs, bassinet/crib/cosleeper,clothing brands, toys, etc.) Thank you all so much!


I’ve always coslept with my kiddos. My oldest slept in a crib sometimes as a baby, but not until he was around 1. My youngest never used one and slept sometimes in a pack n play until he learned how to climb out of it. My 8yr old will sleep in his own room now, but sometimes asks to sleep with me. My 2yr old always sleeps with me still. We are about to get a 3 bedroom house. His first time having his own room. I’m nervous, lol.

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Bouncer seats are always handy I liked the round ones best neither cared for a swing that long, but then some babies love then. I usually found everything on fb or craigslist never had a problem and got more for my money. The mesh bath seat was always a good buy as well was way easier than the plastic tub for us. Floor mats were always nice to have as well.

Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper **** this thing has been a GAME CHANGER!!!
Also the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat … my almost 5 month old LOVES IT!!


You need 2 of these Mommy Hooks… they are great for extra stuff to hang off the stroller and with 2 you can clip a grocery basket to your stroller which is helpful.


I don’t co-sleep for the sole fact that my boyfriend is a very very unaware sleeper and could roll on top of our daughter and not even realize it. We have a Rock N’ Play bassinet because our daughter wouldn’t go to sleep without being rocked and it got exhausting at night. Toys aren’t really a must until about 2-3 months old. Also, this is so much of a product you will need, but once your baby is about 2 months old, start sleep training and start a routine! It is a serious life changer. My daughter is 4 months old and gets a bath, put in PJ’s, some lavender lotion gets put on her, and she sleeps from 8:30 until 6:30 or 7. Getting actual sleep at night helps you be a much better mommy(you won’t be so exhausted 24/7)!

Get u a diaper genie we had one and used it for poopy diapers and it was a life saver

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Crib is a waste of money

All three of my kids loved the swing and the jumper thing. The best small thing I loved was a travel formula dispenser for making bottles on the go. I wasn’t able to breast feed so taking formula everywhere can be a pain and the little divided container was awesome.

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pack n play with the bassinet insert, longest lasting baby item ever, still use it after she turned 1


Gowns!!! They are great for nighttime changing.


Diaper genie was a waste. Get a small trash can and scented trash bags. Skip the wipe warmers. Most stuff you can get second hand off Facebook. Spend the money on good car seats. Skip the bassinet. Get the swings second hand or cheap because they grow fast.


Rock N Play. I used it every single day. But, my biggest mistake was not getting it before baby was born. I brought him home and 2 days later I ordered it. I could not live without it.

Co sleeper, boppy a swing (most my kids have preferred a swing to a bouncer) a play mat

I whole heartedly swear on Luvs diapers. Get a swing.


I disagree with the people who say a crib is a waste of money. I used a pack n play for 5 months in my room then I moved him to his room in his crib. He will be 3 in June and still sleeps in the crib. I do not enjoy cosleeping and he doesn’t rest well either.


I’d most definitely get a swing a rocker and a bassinet I feel like cribs are waste of money but it really just depends if you don’t want to co-sleep then go ahead and get a crib but you only use it for a few years until they’re ready for a toddler bed so maybe get one that converts that’s what I found the most useful

Convertible crib, diaper genie. We just put a changing pad on top of a dresser that was it’s multi functional and when he is older we will just take the changing pad off and still have a dresser

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They need thier own bed, if u start them out in thier own bed they will be a good baby, but if u dont they will grow up wanting to asleep with kids had thier own bed. As far as name brand its basily what ever u want.

Not for baby but for you… fridet FRIDAbay MOMWASHER!!! Whether you have a regular birth or C Section… it was the best purchase i ever made! I buy one for any baby shower I go to now!!

Diaper genie was a waste, bought a normal plastic trash can with a lid that you press to open and close. I bought a used changing table pad and attached it to a cubicle shelving unit I already had, worked perfectly and the cubicles were great to store everything. Start stocking up on diapers now, grab a pack any time you have the extra money. My son loved his bouncer and his swing, but my daughter only loved her vibrating bassinet (each kid is different, so grab what you can cheap and used to see what the baby likes) I bought everything new with my daughter but learned better with my son. Second hand stores were my best friends! So were the fb groups specifically directed towards baby and kids stuff. Don’t overload on clothes, every baby grows different and a lot of clothes become a waste. Onesies are a main staple as well as a couple sleeping sacks for the newborn phase. Register with different name brand companies and you’ll get ALOT of coupons and free samples! I painted my daughters old crib and spruced it up for my son, and that saved me a lot of money! (There’s a 13yr gap between them) look for clearance sales for the stroller/carseat combo if you’re going to go that route. The best thing I found was the 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 adjustable “grow with me” carseats, I don’t suggest buying them used because it’s very risky! You’re supposed to throw your carseats out every so many yrs or anytime they’re involved in an accident and I don’t trust other ppl with something like that lol. Ummmmmm that’s all I can really think of at the top of my head… OH! If you’re going to use formula at any time, ask the pediatrician for the free samples every time you take the baby in! You can get multiple cans or those little newborn bottle ones for free from them, they get a lot from the company. Also they’ll give you some stuff at the hospital, take everything with you and don’t be afraid to ask for extra! Good luck!

Experienced mom here and these are my favorite and most useful products —

A baby rocker or swing to put baby in while you clean up or cook

Swaddles with Velcro were my best friend! Kept my babe sleeping longer at night. Boppy pillows are great. I never used the pack n play until recently, I was NOT interested in bending over to pick him up throughout the night to feed/change him. If you can find one that has the infant insert (sits on top of the pack n play) then that would probably work. I just used a bassinet at night next to the bed, and a rocking chair was my lifesaver during those middle of the night feedings. OfferUp and Facebook were great for buying things lightly used and cheap-I got 2 Graco car seats with bases, plus the stroller for $60–you can’t find that for brand new! I wouldn’t invest in a changing station, a dresser is more functional for storage and you can strap a changing mat to the top–but you will likely used just the couch or bed to change them

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Definitely spend the money on a good car seat. Ours is from Chicco (bought from Target). I would recommend a cosleeper bassinet over a crib.
Anything you can buy used (in good condition), do it (with the exception of a car seat)!
We love pampers swaddler diapers.
My baby prefers the swing over the bouncer.
I also would recommend buying a good baby carrier for baby wearing!


Graco carseats and Huggies diapers. Diapers are usually different for most babies but I find they work the best for my kiddo. Also generic wipes work just as well as the name brand in my opinion and you will use a lot of them.

Fisher price rock and play…best thing ever!

DO NOT CO SLEEP! We suffered the ultimate price with our twin boys. We lost one to 4 months old. So plz dont co sleep, no rock n play or swing for sleep or car seat Im not trying to be better then anyone. Just want everyone to know these can cause asphyxiation and SIDS.

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All babies are different and will like different things but coming from my experience with my baby he hates the rock n play and mama roo. He wouldn’t lay in either and would only sleep if he was in my bed so we bought a DockATot and put it on our bed and he sleeps all night every night! He also loved the boppy lounger for when he was littler. And he currently loves his swing. I have found that Carters and Cloud Island (Walmart brand) clothing fit best for my baby.

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Don’t buy band new for everything second hand things are just a good

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Keep it simple. That’s my best advice. A brand new baby mostly just needs a bed, Moms breast or a bottle, some onesies and Footie Pjs. A sleeper.
Some blankets for swaddling.
I did way to much with my first and wish someone would have told me to do less. As they get older, a bouncy seat, a jolly jumper and a play station. The best stroller I had was a jogging stroller, umbrella style. Look up ratings. Same for car seats. I purchased what I found to be decent priced and as close to 5 star as possible.
Don’t get a changing station. It’s an extra expense that is just not necessary. Get a 3 in one crib that turns into a toddler bed and then a single bed as he or she grows.
My sister did gender neutral clothes for her kids when she didn’t find out what having. All yellows, greens etc. Ducks and frogs. You can always put headbands on your daughter to say, Its a girl!
Babies are awesome because they don’t need much at first, just Mom and Dads love and milk


Budreaux’s butt paste was the best diaper rash cream ever. We still use it years later on bikini line razor burn, heat rash, chaffing etc

Tommee tippee bottles with straw , Huggies diapers,the first years bottle warmer, womb sounds bear, metal nail file for nails, wubbanub paci s, Velcro swaddling blankets, enfamil gentlease formula, gas drops,baby mittens,hats,socks, bottle brush, aquafor diaper rash cream,cucumber wipes,leachco boppy pillow

Don’t buy used carseats you don’t know if how hard they have been used. Used to be able to get help from Fire station or Public health if you can’t effort one don’t know if that is true where you live but check it out. Do you have Burrtington near you they still have layaway have every brand and price range you might want in carseats,scooters, cribs, portable play pens. Might be cheaper somewhere else like Walmart or Target but you can go look at them and check them out there see how strong they are. If you have to put them on layaway. If you have Kohl or JC Penney and coupons you can get big discounts. But I got biggest sales for clothes at Carters or Carters outlet when they have sale you get 100’s of dollar for dollars. They have 70% off sales on new in season stuff then give them your email and you get 50% off after you spend x. I got my grandson $500 for like $ 75.00 on one sale. Buy different sizes at once. Unless they are premature you will not need newborn for to long but 3-6, 6-9 they grow fast. Get from friends good used stuff but remember who you buy from. I believe in spirit coming from other people houses if you don’t fine but pray before you just bring anything into your house. From off garage,thrift, yard, estate, sales. You know us old people and our feels we are a little old fashioned but we pray over everything. Start buying gift cards for stores you might want to shop at so you can stock up on daipers when money get tighter. Register at stores for your friends,family, co-workers and church if you have that kind of support. That is now as you see something you might like when you are stopping when it is comfortable to go out not when it is hot this summer. Google on internet when you have your feet up at night relaxing for new baby things that are out.

Mom of 4-We have a pack and play that has the bassinet insert and diaper changing pad insert-love it and use it daily and e have a two story house with kids upstairs so this works great for us downstairs. Love my diaper genie, it reduces the smell a lot and since we don’t take the trash to the dump every single day we don’t want diapers sitting out in the heat in a big trash can getting extra smelly-the inserts really reduce the smell. I had a bassinet with the first 3 kids but baby #4 won’t sleep in it so we have the grace swing/sleeper which had been great-it also inclines them which helps with acid reflux. We also have a crib that we used after they’ve outgrown the bassinet which will be the same crib used for this baby too.
Clothes I used lots of onesies and the sleepers-zippers are so much easier than button up. I love the car seat that you can pull in and out if your car if it’s an affordable option- so much easier running errands when you don’t have to keep waking a sleeping baby. Stroller and play mat are also used a lot. All mine have had the pacifiers with the stripped animal attached-the toy helps a baby find the pacifier in their car seat while I’m driving instead of them screaming cause they can’t find it and it’s machine washable.
If you plan on multiple kids I would recommend buying the big items in gender neutral colors so they can be used through multiple kids.
We got rid of the swing as we didn’t use it with baby number 2 much-it’s nice with one kid but wasn’t useful after that-dangerous to leave baby without you right there with a toddler. Also never liked the bumbo seats-and didn’t use a bouncer that much.
If money is an issue look at second hand stores-you can save a lot and it’s fairly easy to wash and sanitize things.

Also try different diapers, my boys all leaked with huggies and 1 broke out really bad with them. I’ve never had any issues with pampers. I wouldn’t recommend stocking up on one brand and to kee your receipts in case one brand doesn’t work you can take any extras back. We also bought a pack/box of diapers here and there throughout the pregnancy to lessen the financial impact after the baby when there are other expenses

Definitely do not overdo it on clothes or larger things like swings/strollers/bouncers etc. we got my son a mamaroo off a fb group used and he loved it, it was kind of a bouncer and swing in one so we skipped swings altogether, we had a vibrating bouncer he hated, but I have 14 nieces and nephews and at least half of them enjoyed the vibrating bouncers. The things you should buy brand new more so are car seat, or car seat/stroller combo, some clothes just to be sure the little one has good outfits when needed, bottles I prefer to buy brand new only because not everyone is as clean as they may seem, I’ve witnessed people just rinse bottles/nipples for days on end before washing them whereas I would rinse with hot water after each use and wash every few uses, breast pump again due to cleanliness, pacifiers if you’re going to use them again cleanliness. As for second hand or used stuff clothes, diaper genie (I found mine useful because we just burn our trash and diapers take alotttt to burn fully, I’m still using it as my sons 17 months and just working on potty training), most clothes especially the smaller sizes like newborn up to 9-12months because they tend to fly through sizes the first year and that’s typically the sizes that they wear for the shortest time, 18 months and up usually they’re in for a bit least a couple months at a time, shoes I would personally rather buy new again I’m a clean freak though; however my son did have a few used pairs that were in mint condition so I was comfortable with him wearing them. Some basic things are stock up on diapers and wipes, diapers I’d get a few boxes of newborn, a few is size one, a few size two, and then 3 and up get a few more than the smaller sizes, definitely get a baby kit that jade like a comb, nose sucker, brush, nail clippers, thermometer, etc in it, stock up on some baby shampoo/wash and wash clothes, lotions, forumula (wait till like 2 months before you’re due so it’s still good by the time baby comes, if you have the extra to and if you’re planning to use it), lanolin (if planning to breast feed), also make sure you have tons of pads and comfy underwear/pants/shirts/bras for yourself for after birth they’ll be your best friend for anywhere between a few days to a few weeks after if having a natural birth (can’t speak for c-sections as I’ve not had one but women I know who have said that it was similar for them in terms of what was comfy was leggings yoga paints sweat pants lose bras and shirts etc) but overall, just try and get what you can second hand because baby will outgrow it all before you know it!

If your area has a yardsale page or check out the marketplace? Sure you can find some really good secondhand things! Obvi just make sure things are still working and to clean them again, even if they said it was.
I always get shamed for it but hold off on a bath tub for baby? Use the sink. It’s small and fits baby for a few months. Obviously clean it before and after. :slight_smile:

my kids loved the bouncer but hated the swing…they both used the crib right off at the highest setting, i always bought the travel set u can always use the stroller after they have outgrown the baby seat. then get the 4 in 1 car seat for later. the high chair is not something u will need right away normally u wont use it til the baby is over 6 months old…if u want something movable i would say a bouncer or a rock and play (not advisable with toddlers)…my soft sound machine was a life saver its like the baby mobile but it plays longer (u can find it on amazon for under $10), my didn’t really like pacifiers but they both liked small stuffed animals and fuzzy blankets. the swaddle blankets or sleep sacks were also a life saver.

Definitely the Halo swaddlers! You’re gonna want fleece and cotton ones. Practice snap closures!!! Nonone warns you, but most baby clothes have at least 2-3 snaps on them. I liked pampers swaddlers diapers for size N and 1. After that, Luvs work just as well and are cheaper. Pampers are a little more absorbent, so better for the newborn months. For wipes, I prefer the huggies natural care. Clothing doesn’t brand doesn’t really matter. Some of my favorite outfits came from the Family Dollar, and some of the name brand stuff was crap. You can’t have enough bibs and burp rags(I use all white ones so I can bleach them like once a month) in different sizes… you’ll need bigger ones as (s)he grows.

Try not to spend so much money on things they will grow out of soooo fast. :smirk:We got a walker and she literally used it 2 times. :roll_eyes:

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Don’t buy anything new except your carseat and a few necessities. Buying used items really saved us, I kid you not, hundreds of dollars. Probably spent less than $350 and got an entire nursery set up.

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These burp cloths are amazing!

Ask your car insurance company for discounts on new car seats. Most offer them.

If you’re using formula, powdered is cheaper than pre-mixed but cans are great for on the road.

You don’t have to boil bottles and nipples; most dishwashers have a “sani rinse” or similar setting.

A pack of cloth diapers is great for many uses, including burp cloths, wiping up spills, putting down on dirty surfaces to protect baby, etc.

A small portable changing pad is great for on the go.

New carseat and a place for baby to sleep that isn’t in the same bed as anyone else. Companies REALLY try to sell you on baby stuff that you don’t need but babies really don’t need that much!

Don’t go crazy on the clothes (made that mistake and my son grew like a weed and now we have clothes still with tags on them, hopefully be able to put them on my son who’s due on the 10th) and get one of those rock and play things that plays music and different sounds and rocks the baby. (I wouldn’t have been able to survive without it, my son refused to sleep in anything else) a sturdy diaper bag and changing pad if it doesn’t come with one already. Large swaddle blankets and nice warm regular blankets. Lots of diapers lol. Binkies!! Powdered formula. Bottles. Bottle sterilizer.

A baby shower will provide allot of clothing, blankets and all. The more expensive stuff would be car seat, crib, bassinet (kept my son next to bed) and the like. Little ones don’t need allot. We didn’t have the ‘Rock & Play’ when my son was born. But heard great things about them.

As far as saving money and getting good deals check to see if there is a store called “Once Upon a Child” close to you, they sell books, toys, baby gear and clothes in new and gently used condition for a fraction of the price, sign up for their emails and they will tell you when they are having Sales and events to save even more money… also, target often runs a promo that if you spend $100 on baby products (usuallly diapers, wipes, lotions, sometimes baby food) you get a $20 giftcard back which you can turn around and use on other things you need for your baby, sign up to receive the target ad right in your email every Sunday and when that deal comes around that’s a good time to stock up on those necessities… as far as brands for baby gear I believe my pack n play, high chair, car seat and first stroller set were all Graco and I’ve never had a problem with any of them… my suggestion to you is to buy big ticket items in gender neutral colors in case you have another baby soon after and they happen to be the opposite gender so you don’t have to go out and buy all new things… congrats and good luck!

We loved using the rock n play and little man liked it as well we used it for naps for the first 5ish months and we loved having a bassinet as I nurse the one we have has a vibrate feature and he really liked that also basically all the frida products but especially the nosefrida that has saved us a lot :slightly_smiling_face: good luck momma you got this :heart:

The swaddle by your side I’m getting another for this baby. A good carseat new. Diapers not just newborn they grow out of those fast. I do love hitting up yardsale for clothes for baby, another thing I’m getting early is a baby carrier like the Moby wrap

If you buy early you can buy neutral colors for some of the items and starting early helps

Pack n Play with Bassinet!

You can save money if you go to a children’s second hand store crib(I’d buy new mattress from Target) highchair walker. Look at yard sales for clothes. They’re usually like new cause the kid only wears them short time

It’s the little things that can be a life saver. Gas drops, triple paste diaper creme, extra medicine doppers, baby Tylenol, nose sucker, baby Vicks.

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Dont buy a change table. Biggest waste of money. You’ll end up changing baby on the bed or the floor before using it.

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When I was a first time mom I wasted so much money on unnecessary things like bottle warmer, way too many clothes that wasn’t even worn. I have a 7 month old now(after 11yrs) and spent literally 300dollars and that was carseast,crib, bottles and stocked up on diapers. Rest was gifts from family. Seriously consider getting a Sam’s card. I got 3 big boxes of huggies(pick your own size) and a big box of members mark wipes for 119. They last a good 3-4 months

#Owlet Sock is life changing for moms. Such peace of mind and allows you to sleep while you can!

The book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, answers a lot of questions and worries that you have during pregnancy.

Go on the buy and sell groups in your area it is a great place to get all your babies needs and have a shower after baby is born

A next to me crib is a life saver for a tired mummy x

Moby baby wrap. My youngest did not want to be put down for a minute. It kept my hands free and he was happy