Best place to buy a bathing suit?

Alright Mamas… I’m dreading this but I need a bathing suit. I’m no where near ready to be in one but I’m going to Vegas in April and need one. Any suggestions where to get a cute one piece, true to size and good quality? TIA


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best place to buy a bathing suit?

Cupshe has great bathing suits!


Shein and Cupshe have nice ones

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Shein, although I’ve never ordered from there.

Shein is full of lead and chemicals!

My wife likes Torrid suits. . .

I love Shein. I know they’re “cheap” but that’s what I love about them. I order so much from them because I don’t expect the clothes I buy to last forever and they’re cheap enough that my wallet doesn’t mind it. I plan on buying my swimsuits from them this year too. I also buy my childrens clothes there too.

SHEIN. True to size love the price

I’ve been to Vegas many times never needed a bathing suit but there are shops galore in many of the hotels you may ge able to find something you like

Do you have a tjmaxx near you? They have been getting some cute one piece suits in. I also order a ton off Shein. Just read the reviews on each item.

Torrid, Yours Clothing

SHEIN I have 3 from them and love them all!!

I got 2 from shein last year and loved them both

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I love CUPSHE and AdoreMe! I’ve gotten adorable one pieces from both for plus size

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Check out I have several of their suits. True to real size. And last a long time. Different styles for different ladies. Comfortable.

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I love the one piece I got from Torrid.

Victorias Secret has some cute one pieces and they are reasonably priced too :heart:

I usually get mine at jc penny

All the swim suits I’ve gotten I like on my body post kids so far have come from shein

Got a great one at winners

YouSwim, Target. Shein.

I have a very large chest and a kinda large rest of body lol. I swear by Walmart!! Online with big boobs is very hit or miss!
I got the cutest one from here. Shipped pretty quick too.

The water will definitely be cold in Las Vegas

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If you have a body you’re ready to wear one. Amazon has some great ones, the retro ones offer the most coverage that look cute.


I bought mine on Amazon. I like to be able to read the 100s of reviews and see actual photos of it on people. I scope out who has my body type and go from there.


Fused Hawaii!! I buy their Kona bottoms. Love their suits!! Online and a fb group for selling suits.

Swim suits for all. The company has every still and true to size.

Hapari Swimwear. They usually have sales periodically. I wait for them and then order a new suit every year to switch it up. They last forever and are durable and well made.

Everything but water is amazing such a good selection and they make you feel amazing but they’re expensive af

Lands End. They are reasonable—especially on sale, cover everything, fit well, hold you in, and are made in America (I think); it is an American company out of a small town in Wisconsin. Nice colors and you can mix and match pieces. They have underwire and mastectomy models and are flattering on even the lumpiest bodies. Also have suits with high necks & backs, short and long sleeves & rash guards (long sleeved swim Ts) if you are worried about sun exposure, or get a sexy bikini if not. Also swim shorts, bike shorts, swim skirts and leggings. They wear really well, are well made, and don’t fade. I’m a lumpy size 14 but can fit in one or two sizes smaller, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


SHEIN! Just read the reviews .

Target & they go back your actual cup size too

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Shein. Got 2 last year for vacation and both well made, colorful, and so comfy. Order 1 size up as they run small. Very well priced as well


Shein loved both I got from their. Had to return the one due to the bottom being way to big, but wasn’t their fault….it was a one piece and with my body shape it is next to impossible to find a one piece that the top and bottom both fit on me. But it was cute and I wanted to try it lol. Ended up with one of their n high waisted two oieces

As a mom of 6 I had the hardest time finding a bathing suit. I must say this is my favorite… cupshe is cut weird…has a lit of cheeky styles and if your big breasted the fit is hard to match… Shein is hit and miss. Hard to get a good fit. But this one from Amazon is amazing. Lots if colors to choose from. Limited-time deal: Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit High Neck Plunge Mesh Ruched Monokini Swimwear

I bought mine at kohl’s is nice. I shouldn’t be wearing one either …

Everyone is ready to wear one. Wear the bumps, “fat”, cellulite, etc with pride your a mama just enjoy it!

I suggest Land’s End, it’s mainly an online company. They give you exact guidelines for your new suit. If you have a long or short torso, if you need a tummy tucker or a full breast component you’re in luck :four_leaf_clover:. The prices are slightly higher , but well worth it :blush:

Honestly, I got mine from Amazon. It wasn’t that much (under $30) and I love it!! I have mommy (trucker) belly, that no matter what I weigh it’s gross lol. Get one that has like the gather in the front.

I got my daughter a Calvin Klein one and it’s nice too! Makes everything smooth lol. It was $80 I’m not sure if it was on sale or not. Victoria Secrets has a sale going on for their swimsuits right now, not sure how they are though

It depends on where you live and what types of stores your around. I don’t order online.

Shein or Fashion Nova

Venus are nice quality and affordable