Best plus size shorts?

whwre you do you mamas with bigger thighs find your shorts? and what do you do to not chafe so much? the struggle is real

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best plus size shorts?

Shorts- Torrid
Chafing- Lumē, they make a cream that works great

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Torrid or shein
Use Lume

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I get all my shorts at the thrift store or make cutoffs lol. But for chaffing the only thing I have found to work for me was coconut oil. I tried deodorant, powder, and things designed for chaffing and nothing worked. I put coconut oil on and like three hours later I need a bit more. Haven’t had a painful rash since. And my thighs rub constantly. The oil makes them glide so nice lol

I like the plus size shorts at Rue21

Lauren Conrad brand shorts from Kohls are my favorites right now! Also, Torrid and Old Navy are my usual go to stores.

Men’s shorts lol because they’re a little longer they don’t ride up

I’ve been bigger all my life and the only place that has clothes that fit me is Rue 21 or Old Navy

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Time and Tru sold at Walmart make great length shorts that don’t ride up. Old Navy makes the best bicycle shorts.

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Bermuda shorts
Deodorant for shorter shorts