Best portable high chair?

Hello ladies, looking for any suggestions on a portable high chair I can take to restaurants with me. I have a one year old daughter and hate the high chairs that the restaurants have. Almost if not all I’ve been to have high chairs with the straps missing and are utterly disgusting from being so dirty or are broken. Thanks in advanced.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best portable high chair?

This. Can be disassembled for cleaning and super sturdy.

I used to have a little booster seat that folded up like a purse. It was Mamas and Papas.

So I dont know about an actual booster/high chair but when my daughter was little we had a cart cover that also fit over the highchair and had shoulder straps

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Amen. We used to do the same! We got this and kept it in the car. Loved!

I got a square clothe booster . It’s 5 inches thick wAshable with straps to attach to chair . It’s thick foam . Several patterns to choose from . Just go on Amazon and google portable booster seat for toddlers

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